August 22-26, 2016

6th Grade:

*Europe Locations TEST – Friday 8/26.
Make sure you study!!! Come see me in homeroom to study!

Monday (8/22) – Warm up, Environmental issues video, written reflection HW: None

Tuesday (8/23) – Warm up, Europe environmental issues powerpoint & notes, hand out study guide HW: None

Wednesday (8/24) – Warm up, compare/contrast partner activity HW: None

Thursday (8/25): Warm up, continue compare/contrast activity, review study guide HW: Study!

Friday (8/26): Warm up, review study guide, Europe environmental issues TEST HW: None


8th Grade:

*Prehistory vocabulary check – Wednesday 8/24
*Prehistory question check – Thursday 8/25
*Prehistory TEST – Wednesday 8/31

 Make sure you study!!! Come see me in homeroom to study!

Monday (8/22) – Warm up, Prehistory powerpoint & notes, vocabulary flash cards & quizlet HW: None

Tuesday (8/23) – Warm up, prehistory notes & chart, continue vocabulary HW: None

Wednesday (8/24) – Warm up, complete Prehistory notes, vocabulary check, begin unit questions HW: None

Thursday (8/25): Warm up,  complete unit questions, review answers, question check HW: None

Friday (8/26): Warm up, draft extended response essay, type final draft HW: Complete essay


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