October 2016 archive

October 24-28, 2016

6th Grade
*Unit Test: Wednesday, 10/26

Monday 10/24 – Warm up: Geography, short assessment, study guide, Kahoot HW: Study for test Wednesday

Tuesday 10/25 – Warm up: history, review study guide answers, Kahoot test review HW: Study for test Wednesday

Wednesday 10/26 – Warm up: WWI, test review, Unit test HW: None

Thursday 10/27 – Warm up: Post WWI, WWI notes, WWI reading & comprehension questions HW: Complete questions

Friday 10/28 -Warm up: Trench warfare, WWI webquest HW: Complete webquest


8th Grade
*Question Check: Monday, 10/24
*Revolution Test: Thursday, 11/3

Monday 10/24 – Revolution warm up, complete questions, review answers, question check HW: None

Tuesday 10/25 – Revolution warm up, continue notes, “acts” graphic organizer HW: None

Wednesday 10/26 – Revolution warm up, Declaration as a break up letter video, continue notes & graphic organizer HW: None

Thursday 10/27 – Revolution warm up, individual work time to complete questions HW: Complete questions

Friday 10/28 – Revolution warm up, reading corrections, complete notes & graphic organizer HW: None


10/17-10/21, 2016

6th Grade:
*Unit Test: Tuesday, 10/25

Monday 10/17 – European history warm up, scramble for Africa notes HW: none

Tuesday 10/18 – European history warm up, Australian colonization notes, ticket out the door HW: none

Wednesday 10/19 – European history warm up, complete warm up packet & make corrections HW: None

Thursday 10/20 – European history warm up, WWI video clip, written response to video, trench warfare HW: None

Friday 10/21 –  European history warm up, pop quiz, study guide, Kahoot review HW: Study for test 10/25


8th Grade:
*Unit Question Check: Friday, 10/21

Monday 10/17 – American Revolution warm up, vocabulary corrections, continue notes, unit questions HW: unit questions

Tuesday 10/18 – American Revolution warm up, continue notes, unit questions HW: unit questions

Wednesday 10/19 – American Revolution warm up, discovery tickets, continue notes HW: unit questions

Thursday 10/20 – American Revolution warm up, video clip, continue notes HW: unit questions

Friday 10/21 – American Revolution warm up,  review questions, question check, individual time to work on notes HW: complete notes





October 10-14, 2016

6th Grade:
*History Unit Test: Tuesday, 10/25

Monday 10/10: History warm up, complete Silk Road reading, 5 W’s & 1 H, being Renaissance reading HW: None

Tuesday 10/11: History warm up,  complete Renaissance reading, answer reading comprehension questions, label European empires map HW: None

Wednesday 10/12: History warm up, European history reading and questions, Empire Strikes Back & video, paragraph response HW: Complete paragraph

Thursday 10/13: History warm up, reading comprehension review HW: None

Friday 10/14: History warm up, European colonization notes, colonization of Australia reading HW: None


8th Grade:
*Vocabulary Check: Friday, 10/14
Quizlet: Click here to practice!

Monday 10/10: Complete warm up packet, complete test essay, reading comprehension corrects HW: None

Tuesday 10/11: Revolution warm up, Revolution video clip, written response HW: Complete paragraph

Wednesday 10/12: Revolution warm up, Revolution vocabulary, create quizlet HW: Study!

Thursday 10/13: Revolution warm up, begin class notes, continue vocabulary HW: Study!

Friday 10/14: Revolution warm up, continue class notes, review vocabulary, vocabulary check HW: None

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October 3-7, 2016

6th Grade:
*Vocabulary Quiz – Thursday 10/6
Vocabulary Terms: europe-unit-2-vocabulary-definitions

Monday (10/3): History warm up, review new vocabulary & complete definitions HW: Finish definitions

Tuesday (10/4): History warm up, exploration introduction video & notes HW: None

Wednesday (10/5): History warm up, complete notes, silk road brainpop & article HW: None

Thursday (10/6): History warm up, cause & effects of European exploration, review vocabulary, vocabulary quiz HW: None

Friday (10/7): History warm up, illustrated timeline HW: Complete timeline


8th Grade:
*Founding of GA TEST – Friday 10/7
Test Practice: Quizlet

Monday (10/3): Colonization warm up, read background essay & answer questions, DBQ documents J & S HW: Complete document questions

Tuesday (10/4): Colonization warm up, DBQ documents M & W, review answers to questions, begin essay outline HW: None

Wednesday (10/5): Colonization warm up, complete outline, type essay HW: Complete essay

Thursday (10/6): Colonization warm up, study guide HW: Study!

Friday (10/7): Colonization warm up, review study guide, Founding of GA test HW: None