March 2017 archive

March 27-31, 2017

6th Grade:

Monday 3/27: Colombian Exchange reading & questions, Picture Activity HW: Complete picture activity questions

Tuesday 3/28: Influence of Slavery reading & questions, discovery ticket HW: None

Wednesday 3/29: Freedom Fighters, “Who Am I”, Revolution Jig Saw Reading, graphic organizer HW: None

Thursday 3/30: Cuban Revolution PPT, Cuba Today article HW: None

Friday 3/31: Complete Cuba Article, Zapatistas PPT, Discovery Ticket HW: None


8th Grade: Week 2 Government
*Vocabulary Check: Thursday, 3/30
*Vocabulary Quizlet: Click Here

*Week 2 Government Quiz: Friday 3/31


Week Two Teacher Notes: 

Station 4: Use the Teacher Notes and Webquest to complete the Sketchnotes for station 4. You will visit the webquest on the blog with your device/laptop. Go to the section titled “Legislative Branch.” There you will complete your sketchnotes. Station 4 instructions

Station 5: Go to the webquest and look in the “How a Law is Made” section. First, watch the video from schoolhouse rock titled “I’m Just a Bill.” Use the Webquest to complete the Sketchnotes for station 5. Go to the section titled “How a bill becomes a law.” Use the infographic to discover the steps of how a bill becomes a law in the state of GA and copy onto your sketchnotes. Station 5 instructions

Station 6: Use the Teacher Notes and Webquest to complete the Sketchnotes for station 6. You will visit the webquest on the blog with your device/laptop. Go to the section titled “Executive Branch.” Use that in combination with your teacher notes to complete your sketchnotes. Play the quizlet located in the Executive Branch section of the webquest. Station 6 instructions

Homework: Study the glossary for week 2 Government Glossary 2017

Don’t forget – You will complete a Discovery Ticket after each station before moving on to the next – a total of 3 Discovery Tickets this week! 

There will be a QUIZ at the end of this week (Friday) over what you learned from all 3 stations! 


March 20-24, 2017

6th Grade
*Aztec/Inca Paragraph: Friday 3/24

Monday 3/20: Aztec reading and questions, Aztec notes HW: None

Tuesday 3/21: Complete Aztec notes, 3-2-1, start Aztec paragraph HW: None

Wednesday 3/22: Inca reading and questions, Inca notes HW: None

Thursday 3/23: Complete Inca notes, 3-2-1, start Inca paragraph HW: None

Friday 3/24: Complete Aztec/Inca paragraph, Aztec/Inca reading HW: None


8th Grade
*Vocabulary Quiz: Thursday 3/23
*Week 1 Gov’t Quiz: Friday 3/24

This week will be working in stations to complete government/economics part 1. We will be reading, answering comprehension questions, revisiting reading strategies, drawing sketchnotes, and studying vocabulary.


March 13-17, 2017

6th Grade:
Unit Test: Friday 3/17
Test Quizlet:

Monday 3/13: Brainpop, culture stations with graphic organizer, review answers HW: None

Tuesday 3/14: Religion notes, Panama Canal history video clip, video formative assessment, differentiated reading articles HW: None

Wednesday 3/15: Map skills practice, literacy rate & standard of living reading questions HW: None

Thursday 3/16: Review reading questions, study guide HW: Study!

Friday 3/17: Study guide, UNIT TEST! HW: None


8th Grade:
World Conflict Test: Tuesday 3/14
Influential Georgians Assessment: Thursday 3/16
Modern Civil Rights Test: Friday 3/17

Monday 3/13: Complete PPT notes, work on study guide HW: Study!

Tuesday 3/14: Review for test, World Conflict TEST, begin Influential Georgians chart HW: None

Wednesday 3/15: Three Governors Race & End of White Primary Readings, begin notes HW: None

Thursday 3/16: Influential Georgians assessment, complete notes, work on study guide HW: Study!

Friday 3/17: Quizlet practice, test review, Modern Civil Rights TEST HW: None


March 6-10, 2017

6th Grade:
Vocabulary Quizlet:
Unit 6 Test Quizlet:

Monday 3/6: Geography paragraph, environmental issues reading & questions HW: Complete questions

Tuesday 3/7: Check reading packet questions, environmental notes & graphic organizer HW: None

Wednesday 3/8: Complete environmental issues notes, introduce superhero project HW: None

Thursday 3/9: Superhero project, begin ethnic group vocabulary HW: Complete/study vocabulary 

Friday 3/10: Vocabulary check, literacy & culture reading and questions HW: Complete questions


8th Grade:
World Conflict & Great Depression Test: Tuesday 3/14
Test Quizlet:

Monday 3/6: World War 1 & Great Depression PPT notes HW: None

Tuesday 3/7: CRCT reading Eugene Talmadge, complete PPT HW: None

Wednesday 3/8: Remediation activities, quizlet review of WW1, study guide HW: None

Thursday 3/9: Begin WW2 notes, video clip, discovery ticket #2 HW: None

Friday 3/10: Continue WW2 notes, video clip, quizlet test review HW: Start studying