April 2017 archive

April 24-28, 2017

We are finishing up Milestones this week! Tomorrow is math section 2.

6th Grade:
*Government Vocab Quiz: Friday, 4/28
*Government Quizlet: https://quizlet.com/205017512/latin-american-government-flash-cards/?new

Government continues. We will be reading about the different types of government, studying government vocabulary, and taking a quiz over government vocabulary.


8th Grade:

We will be starting the Alternative Book Report project. You will check out one nonfiction and one fiction book from the media center in order to complete the project. More details to come!


April 17-21, 2017

6th Grade:

Monday and Tuesday – we will review for the Latin America history test!

Wednesday-Friday – we will start Latin American government/economics.


8th Grade:

This week we will be reviewing for the Milestones! You will take your social studies milestones test on Friday. STUDY!


April 10-14, 2017

6th Grade:
*Think Tac Toe: Friday 4/14
*History Test: Tuesday 4/18
*History Quizlet: Click Here
*Milestones Begin: Wednesday 4/19

This week, we will complete Latin America history. We will cover the Cuban Revolution, US/Cuba relations today, and the Zapatista movement. Students will receive a study guide in preparation for the history test – April 18. Students will review for the test by completing a Think Tac Toe over the entire unit, which will be due April 14.


8th Grade: 
*Vocabulary Check: Thursday 4/13
*Government TEST: Friday 4/14
*Goverment Quizlet: Click here
*Milestones Begin: Wednesday 4/19

To complete stations 7-9, you’ll only need the webquest link, teacher notes, & sketch notes: 

Web Quest link: 

Teacher Notes (Week Three):  

Homework each night: Glossary of Vocab Terms & Quizlet (week 3):  Government Glossary.docx – VOCAB CHECK THURS. 4/13!

Quizlet: Click here

Don’t forget – You will complete a Discovery Ticket after each station before moving on to the next – a total of 3 Discovery Tickets this week! 

There will be a TEST at the end of this week (Friday) over what you learned from STATIONS 1-9!