May 2017 archive

May 8-12, 2017

6th Grade:
*Australia Map Test: Friday, 5/12

We are starting a new unit: Australia! We will be watching a few video clips, exploring the geography, labeling maps, and starting history. Next week, we will see a Didgeridoo performance, which is part of Australia’s culture.

8th Grade:
*Fiction Book Due: Friday, 5/12
*ABRs 4-6 Due: Friday, 5/19

We will continue the ABR book project, with a fiction book. Students will complete three ABRs to analyze the book chosen. 

May 1-5, 2017

6th Grade:
*Gov/Econ Test: Friday, 5/5

This week we will complete Latin America economics notes. We will write a response about NAFTA and how NAFTA affects Latin America. Then we will review and study for the test. The government/econ test is Friday.


8th Grade:
*ABRs 1-3: Friday, 5/5

You should have completed the reading of your nonfiction book. You will have the entire week to work on and to complete ABRs 1-3. If completed early, you can check out your fiction novel and begin reading it.