August 2017 archive

Study for Upcoming Tests!!

Social Studies: Map test is FRIDAY!! Play games to review: Click here. Review the European map study guide you created! You may also earn bonus points for creating flash cards of country names and capitals.

Reading: Reading Strategies test is FRIDAY! Review the study guide: Study Guide

Week 4

Can you believe we have already been in school for FOUR WEEKS?! Time flies!

Social Studies: STUDY your Europe maps! Your test is Friday, 9/1. See me in homeroom if you would like to practice.

Reading: Complete remediation assignments if you received them. Remember, they require a parent signature. Reading strategies test is planned for Friday, 9/1! Start studying now 🙂

August 18, 2017

Homework Reminders!

Social Studies Blocks 1 & 2: No homework!

Social Studies Block 5: Please work on your rough draft! See me in homeroom on Monday if you need help.

Reading Block 3: No homework!

Reading Block 7: If you have not finished your Alligators vs. Crocodiles, please do so this weekend and turn it in on Monday!

6th Grade Open House

6th Grade Open House is tonight starting at 6:30! You’ll follow your child’s schedule and meet all classroom teachers!

Second Week of School & Relay for Life Event

We’ve completed our second week of school!

Social Studies (Blocks 1, 2, & 5)

We continued our introduction into social studies and geography! Students took a geography pre-test and we used their scores to determine what tiered assignment they would be completing. We worked hard with compass roses, scales, keys, geography features & vocabulary! In blocks 1 & 2, students took a quiz over class expectations, continents, and oceans.

*If you need help with binder organization, come see me!

HW: Continue/finish your tiered assignments! 

Reading (Blocks 3 & 6)

We introduced a few reading strategies this week including main idea, supporting details, and context clues! These skills require practice – something we will continue all year! If you are having trouble grasping a concept, see me so we can continue practicing together. In block 3, we visited the media center. Students learned their way around the media center and technology.

HW: Practice, practice, practice the reading strategies we covered this week!

Relay for Life

Our first fundraising event is coming up soon – August 25! Wear TIE DYE and donate $1 to support Relay for Life!

First Week of School

It has been a FANTASTIC first week of school! Hope you have a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend!

Social Studies: This week we went over classroom expectations, the class syllabus, and completed a few activities “about about me”! Don’t forget your homework this weekend!
Clements (Block 1&2): Identifying oceans and continents worksheet
Bitler (Block 5): “Facebook” about me

Reading: This week, we reviewed the syllabus and classroom expectations. We also completed 5 rotation stations and took a reading strategies pre-test. No homework, other than completing your “family surveys” and other incomplete stations.