October 30, 2017

Block 6 Reading Quizizz: Vocabulary 7-14
Quiz Date: 10/31/17

GAME CODE: 146786

Pop Quiz Form: Click here

Block 3 7th Grade Reading:
Chapters 15-24 Vocabulary Quiz: November 10
Chapters 1-14 Test: November 14

Students received graded work and graded were updated in synergy. Students took a “pop” quiz to assess their knowledge of text citations and conclusion sentences. These two skills need the most improvement in journal writing. The pop quizzes were not taken as a grade, but they will be used as a challenge. As a class, we read chapter nine and began the journal entry.

HW: Study and make flash cards!

6th Grade Social Studies:

We continued the DBQ, documents B & C. Both documents were challenges. Versailles DBQ

The unit test has not been announced yet, but if you want to get a head start on studying, here is a study guide: History Part 1 Study Guide

Europe History Test Quizizz:
1:  Quizizz Game Code: 364741
2: Quizizz Game Code: 832726

HW: None

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