November 2, 2017


Block 3 7th Grade Reading:
Chapters 15-24 Vocabulary Quiz: November 10
Chapters 1-14 Test: November 14

 Students will receive their study guides tomorrow. We completed a writing review warm up. Students works on completing chapter 10 journal. After the journal, students took ch. 6-10 comprehension check. Corrections will be offered to students who scored below a 70%.

HW: Study and make flash cards!

TSB Vocab Quiz Ch 15-24

6th Grade Social Studies:
Europe History Test: 11/10/17

We completed the DBQ and began analyzing the documents. Students will have time to work on their packets tomorrow. They will be due Monday. Versailles DBQ

If you want to get a head start on studying, here is a study guide: History Part 1 Study Guide

Europe History Test Quizizz:
1:  Quizizz Game Code: 364741
2: Quizizz Game Code: 832726

HW: None

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