November 3, 2017

Block 3 7th Grade Reading:
Chapters 15-24 Vocabulary Quiz: November 10
Chapters 1-14 Test: November 14

Corrections were offered to all students for the Ch. 6-10 comprehension check. When students correct their work, they need to include the chapter number where the answer is found. We broke into groups to read chapter 11. Students then completed a challenge with their tribes by creating a timeline. 

Grades have been updated. If a student scored a 0% on their study guide, they need to complete #1-10 and turn it back in for credit.

HW: Study for the vocabulary quiz and make flash cards to earn 5 bonus points!

Study Guide TSB Part 1
Ch. 15-24 Vocab Quizizz Game Code: 310828

6th Grade Social Studies:
Europe History Test: 11/10/17

We completed the DBQ and completed analyzing the documents. Students will have time to work on their packets tomorrow. They will be due Monday. Versailles DBQ

Students went on a gallery walk today to study World War II propaganda.

If you want to get a head start on studying for the test, here is a study guide: History Part 1 Study Guide

Europe History Test Quizizz:
1:  Quizizz Game Code: 887111 
2: Quizizz Game Code: 167977

The vocabulary quiz is due Wednesday. The vocabulary words on are on the last page of the history teacher notes (the top box). There are two options for the quiz: 

  1. Open Notes – use this link to complete the quiz using Office 365 Forms (any time from now until it is due on Wednesday). Students will be prompted to log in to Office 365 using their emails ([email protected]) and their passwords.
    Click this link to take you to the open notes quiz
  2. Closed Notes – take the quiz in class Wednesday closed notes.

Europe History Teacher Notes

HW: None

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