November 10, 2017

7th Grade Reading
Chapter 1-13 Test: November 14

TSB Test Part 1 Quizizz
Code: 926068

We completed reading chapter 13 in class. Students began journal entry #13. Journal check #3 will come from students’ choice of journals 9-12. Journal check grades have been updated in Synergy. Vocabulary quiz scores will be updated as well.

Journals will be checked for a test grade! Students need to have journals 1-13 complete in order to gain full credit!

6th Grade Social Studies:
Europe History Test: 11/14/17 (Bitler’s Class)

DBQs have been graded and were handed back today today! Use the DBQ to help you answer the extended response question. The extended response will be part of your test grade. Work on it now so you don’t have to do it Friday during the test! Extended Response Organizer

Test Study Guide: Europe History 1 SG 2017

Check your answers to the study guide: Europe History 1 SG 2017 – KEY

Europe History Test Quizizz:
1:  Quizizz Game Code: 887111 
2: Quizizz Game Code: 167977

Europe History Teacher Notes

HW: Study!

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