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6th Grade: Your test was today – I hope you did well!  We will work on test remediation tomorrow in class and learn how to annotate our tests.

7th Grade:  Unit 1 Test Date: 10/3 (after fall break).  Make sure you study!! Unit Study Guide

8th Grade:  Founding of GA unit test: 10/3 (after fall break).  Guided questions part 2 due THURSDAY!
HW Questions Part 1 & 2
Teacher Notes – Founding of Georgia

August 28, 2018

Today, we continued warm up week 4.  Students took the Europe Map Test.
HW: None

7th Grade (Block 5):

We continued week 4 warm ups.  Students read Distribution of Power, answer 4 comprehension questions, and completed discovery ticket #2. 

HW: None
Chapter 2 Study Guide
Chapter 2 Quiz: Thursday, 9/6

8th Grade (Blocks 1 & 7):

We began Exploration today.  Students took notes. 

HW: Study vocabulary! Explorer Vocab with Pictures
Vocabulary Quiz: Thursday, 8/30
Guided Questions: Tuesday, 9/4

August 21, 2018

Today, we took the SGM pre-test
HW: Paragraph due TOMORROW!

7th Grade (Block 5):

We took the chapter 1 geography, culture, political science, and economics quiz today 
HW: None

8th Grade (Blocks 1 & 7):

We took our vocabulary quiz today and finished the body biographies
HW: Quizizz – game code: 515426
Prehistory Test: Friday, 8/24

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