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8th Grade Essay

You will receive an outline for your essay later this week.  You can refer to this chart to help you:

6th Grade Study Tools

Your government/economics quiz is Thursday or Friday (depending on the early release schedule).  Use the study guide and quizlets (links on the study guide document) to study for your test!!

2018 Gov & Econ SG

December 11, 2018

6th Grade: complete the vocabulary activities of your choosing.  Remember, you must use all 20 of your vocabulary words, however, you may choose which activities you want to complete (you may complete a combination of two or more activities or just one activity).  You will have a quiz over these vocabulary words next week.
Unit 3&4 Vocabulary (there are also quizlets on this sheet!!)
Vocabulary Practice and Study Tool

7th Grade: study for your test – it’s tomorrow!
History Study Guide Part 2

8th Grade: complete your investigation report! Debate is tomorrow!

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