6th Grade Quizizz

Students!  If you did not do well on your vocabulary quiz, you may complete the Quizizz in order to bring up your grade.  Play as many times as you want in order to earn the best replacement grade!  When you play, please use your first name, last initial, and block number.

Code: 702392

October 2, 2018

6th Grade: today we continued warm up #8, created flashcards, learned about why we study history, and examined perspective.
HW: Vocabulary quiz is Friday, 10/5.
Quizlet: https://quizlet.com/_5c6hkk
Historian Vocab

7th Grade: today we reviewed for the Unit 1 test.
HW: STUDY! Test is Wednesday, 10/3.
Unit Test Completed Study Guide

8th Grade: today we divided into groups (based on discovery ticket & vocab quiz scores) and reviewed for the unit test
HW: STUDY! Test is Wednesday, 10/3.
FoG Story Guide KEY

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