August 13, 2018

6th Grade (Blocks 3 & 4):

Today, we began warm up week 2. Then, we discussed “Social studies is…” in partner groups and came up with our own definitions.
HW: None

7th Grade (Block 5):

We began week 2 warm ups, completed the Political Science reading & graphic organizer. 
HW: None
Chapter 1 Study Guide

8th Grade (Blocks 1 & 7):

We played the Walking Dead Geography review game in preparation for the Georgia Geography test.  
HW: Study for your test!

August 9, 2018

6th Grade (Blocks 3 & 4):

Today we mapped our classroom and worked on longitude and latitude.
HW: None

7th Grade (Block 5):

We began week 1 warm ups, completed Why Study Geography graphic organizer & paragraph. 
HW: Complete paragraph if not done so
Chapter 1 Study Guide

8th Grade (Blocks 1 & 7):

We reviewed for the Georgia Geography test.  Students then worked in partner groups to complete the Georgia map.
HW: Start studying for your test!

August 6, 2018

6th Grade (Blocks 3 & 4):

Today we set up binders, took a pre-assessment, and began our homework.
HW: Complete mapping worksheet

7th Grade (Block 5):

We began week 1 warm ups, took powerpoint notes on Why Study History, and read and answered questions about Why Study History.
HW: Complete Why Study History questions

8th Grade (Blocks 1 & 7):

We began Georgia Geography.  We took story guide notes on geography and took Discovery Ticket #1.
HW: Complete guided questions!  Vocab quiz is Wednesday, 8/8.

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the 2018-2019 school year!  We are so excited to begin this school year!

Orientation is Tuesday, 7/31.
– 6th Grade: 12:30 – 1:30 PM
– 7th & 8th Grade: 2:00 – 3:00 PM

Summer Reading Resources

Here are some detailed resources on getting kids started with summer reading in Biblionasium. It allows users to create virtual bookshelves where they can categorize books. They are able to add books outside of what’s available via the Durham Media Center collection. Students who read at least 20 minutes a day this summer will log 1,500 reading minutes before they return to school August 1st. Wow!

Lots of details and FREE resources are available via the Durham Middle School media center website. Durham Media Center ebooks and audiobooks, and ebooks available through Tumble Book Cloud and eBooks on Ebscohost on the Cobb Digital Library are available for check out throughout the summer as well.

Take advantage of all the Cobb County Public Library System has to offer. Happy reading!

Comparing Governments: Democracy vs. Authoritarianism Questions

Please answer all questions on notebook paper. You will answer all questions in complete sentences. Include the questions below (1-7) and the quiz questions found in the reading packet (1-4), totaling 11 questions.

  1. How are governments organized?
  2. Explain the following quote: “democratic only by name”.
  3. What 6 “standards do democracies need to meet to be considered “truly democratic”?
  4. List 4 countries that are considered democratic.
  5. List 4 characteristics of an authoritarian regime.
  6. What does this quote mean: “the leader’s title does not automatically show which type of government they lead.”
  7. List 4 countries that are considered authoritarian.

Last Day of Testing!

Congratulations, Wildcats! We are ALMOST done with testing. Today is the last day! Tomorrow will be a Fun Friday schedule.

25 more days of school! Be sure to continue monitoring Synergy and turn in incomplete or missing assignments.

6th Grade Social Studies: your Latin America history/current events test will be Thursday, April 26.
LA History Study Guide 2018

7th Grade Reading: we will continue reading The Outsiders in class today and tomorrow.

Monday, 3/19/18

Blocks 1 & 2 (6th Grade Social Studies): 

  1. Warm Up 18 
  2. Aztec & Inca Notes

HW: None

2018 Latin America Teacher Notes

Block 3 (7th Grade Reading)

  1. Reading warm up #1
  2. Main Idea review

HW: None

Blocks 5 (6th Grade Social Studies): Latin America Geography Test – Thursday, 3/15

  1. Warm Up 19 
  2. Aztec & Inca Notes

HW: None

2018 Latin America Teacher Notes

Block 6 (7th Grade Reading)

  1. Reading Warm Up #1
  2. Unit 2 review packet

HW: None

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