October 8

Week of October 8th

Conference week is October 15 – 19. A sign up genius link will be sent soon if you have not signed up for your conference please do so ASAP.  Conferences will last for 20 minutes.  Please be on time.

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This week our curriculum focus will be….

Readers Workshop: This week in reading, we are learning that the cover and title of a book helps get our brains ready to read the book (tells what the book is about). We have been focusing on the parts of a story, the characters, the setting of a story (where the story takes place), and the events. We will be reading the story ” Four Famished Foxes and Fosdyke” by Duncan Edwards and talking about alliteration.  We also created a class book based on the book “Not a Box”.

October BOOK IT – Read 10 books at home and color a pumpkin for each book they read. (Please read 10 different books) Once your child completes the page, please return it to school and they will receive a pizza coupon! Students who reach their reading goal will enjoy lunch bunch on October 31st.

Phonics: We are reviewing the letters t,b,f,n,m,i,u,c,o,a,g,d, & s and adding the letters e & r. We have learned that the alphabet is made up of consonants and vowels. Students are doing a great job learning the learning the letter-keywords-sounds for each letter. Example r-rat-/r/ or m-man-/m/.

Sight words:   he, like, an

Writer’s Workshop: We are practicing stretching out our words using beginning sounds. This means sounding out the word slowly to hear all the sounds in words. We also worked on spacing words, adding sight words to writing and adding more detail to illustrations. We learned that the word wall is a great resource during writing. They are doing great! Each week we are conferencing on our writing. We have set a writing goal with each student. Ask your student what their writing goal is.

Math: In math, we did many hands-on activities that helped us practice identifying, describing and comparing 2-D or flat shapes (circle, triangle, square, rectangle, and hexagon) and 3-D or solid shapes (sphere, cylinder, cube, and cone).  Please continue to look for shapes in our environment and keep counting to 50 or 100. We will be celebrating with our shape snack this week.

(Please note that when you click on the link, you will leave the Cobb County site.  Cobb County is not responsible for ads)

Social Studies:   In social studies, we have compared maps and globes and learned that maps are flat and globes are solid or 3D. We learned that a map is a drawing of a place and the globe is a model of the earth. We saw the differences between land and water and how a map is a view from above. Monday we will be celebrating Christopher Columbus Day with Columbus rotations. Students will be reading, doing Arts and Crafts, making hats and necklaces, and doing a sink/float activity. We will be celebrating Christopher by making Columbus boats for snack too!  See if your child can tell you 3 facts about Christopher Columbus.

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Upcoming Events

Columbus Day Rotations: October 9th

3D shape snack mix: October 11th

Early Release: October 11 (kids released 2 hours early)

Conferences: October 15-19 (kids released 2 hours early –  all week

Change in lunch time and special schedule)

Book Fair : October 15-19

Illustrator Visit: October 26

Fall Centers & Dress Up: October 31

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October 8

Allatoona High School’s FCCLA


How to Participate?

First thing…distribute this flyer to your students and parents to promote this event!    Next, bring your family and join us on October 27th from 4-6 pm in the Founder’s Lot at Allatoona High School!! Note: The Founder’s Lot is located to the right back corner of the football field. Signs will be posted for your convenience.

We will be serving hotdogs, chips and beverages for $1.00 each during the event. Lastly, HAVE FUN and ENJOY YOUR AFTERNOON WITH US!!!

Please email Mrs. Alejandro at [email protected] if you have any questions

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September 19

Soaring in September

Language Arts:   We are all readers!  Using book boxes; wow pages in reading

Reading strategy helpers:  lips the fish, trying lion, eagle eye, stretchy snake

Sight Words: can, look, up, am  –  a, I, me, red, the, blue, to, is, yellow, go, it, yes, no, white, in, green, see

Writing:    We are all authors!    When we are done, we have just begun;  writing true stories adding details

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August 20

Week of August 20th

What are we learning in Kindergarten?

Reader WorkshopWe are learning how to read with a partner and how to read privately. Students are also learning as readers… we can look, we can think, we can read, we can learn.  These are the beginning steps of becoming a super reader.

Ways to help at home:  When reading at home, have your child use their finger to locate the top and bottom of the bottom, use directional left to right movement with return sweep.

Sight Words: a, I, red, see, me, blue, it, to, yellow, and go

Ways to help at home:  Start looking for sight words everywhere you go. Look around and have your child read environmental print.

MathWe are reviewing numbers to five. Next week, we will continue with numbers 6, 7, & 8.  We have started learning the correct way to form numbers. One new topic we are working on is subitizing. Subitzing  is the ability to see a small amount of objects and know how many there are without counting. For example: Rolling a die being about to recognize that number without counting.

How to help at home:  Have your child count to 50 with you, without skipping a number.

Writing:  We completed our pre-narrative writing and our GKIDS writing assessment. Students need to be able to draw a picture and cop letters and /or numbers to communicate. As writers we are learning when you are done you have just begun. We have are practicing the proper pencil grip and posture, letter formation, and top to bottom directionality.

Social Studies: We are learning ways to be a good citizen at school, home, and in the community.

It’s important to review Frey’s Big 3. Do your best, be kind, and make good choices. Several students have been misbehaving in the classroom and in the cafeteria.  Please review the importance of making good choices at school.

Important Dates

Wednesday, August 22       Picture Day (information went home last week in your child’s folder)

Wednesday, August 29       Early Release (students dismissed 2 hours early)

Thursday, August 30          Multicultural Night (more info to follow)

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July 23


Sneak a Peek & Open House

Sneak a Peek and Open House

Monday, July 30th

Sneak a peek – 1:00 – 1:30

Open House – 1:30 – 2:00

Schedule for Sneak a Peek and Open House

1:00 – 1:30 – SNEAK A PEEK

Parents and Students will:

* Meet your child’s teacher(s)

* Tour the classroom and school

*Sign Important Paperwork

* Bring school supplies

1:30 – 2:00 – OPEN HOUSE

Parents will:

(students will go to the Learning Commons for an AIM HIGH meeting with administration)

* Attend an Open House Presentation

* Learn about procedures and routines of  Mrs. Scarpinato Classroom

*Ask questions?????

9:00 – 2:00 – Parents and students can:

* Locate your child’s bus number, pick up a car rider tag

* Register for ASP, Afterschool clubs

*Buy spirit wear, Yearbooks

*Sign up for PTA and Frey Foundation

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May 7

April Showers Bring May Flowers


Our focus this week:

Language Arts:  comprehension; story elements; DRA reading groups; non-fiction; short vowels and long vowels; Unknown familiar words and phrases/inflections and affixes (-ed, – s, un-, pre-); opposites; rhyming words- continue to read at home and discuss what an author and illustrator do.

Math:  addition and subtraction word problems, 3D shapes; number words review

Science:  Earth, soil, living, non-living

Social Studies:  Independence Day

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Upcoming events:

May 10 – Summer Library Talk

May 11 – Variety Show @ 6pm

May 14 – Field Day @ 9am; picnic lunch @ 12 – sack lunches

May 15 – STEM activities; Yearbook signing day – sack lunches

May 16 – Closing Ceremonies

May 17 — Celebrating the Parapro’s (Mrs. Frey)

May 18- Donuts with Dad 8:15-9:15- Economics Day

May 21 – End of the year sing a long @ 8:15, class celebration, rewards, and luau.

May 22 – Early Release – sack lunches – students leave at 12:15- Summer Birthday Celebration

May 23 – Early Release – sack lunches – no backpacks, water bottles, lunch boxes (lunches in disposable bags ok)

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April 16

Spring is here!

Our week of learning…

Language Arts Skills: Main idea; Retelling a story with key ideas/details in order (characters, setting, and events in order);  making connections to the story; decoding strategies; spelling and sounding out CVC words and CVCe words; long and short vowels; word families, antonyms (opposite words); homophones/homonyms (words that sound the same/may be spelled the same but have different meanings)


Readers Workshop- This week as Avid Readers students will be conducting inquires to determine the kinds of thinking and reacting that nonfiction movie viewer do and consider whether this is also true for nonfiction readers. Students will be learning that nonfiction readers use fancy words to go with the topic they are studying to explain what they have learned to other people.  Nonfiction helps us dig deeper into being Avid readers. Keep the amazing pictures coming. On last Friday, we were able to share our Avid Reader powerpoint with Mr. Cathey. He was super excited to see the students reading in so many places.

Sight Words: our, his, what, them, use

We are reviewing all the kindergarten sight words. Continue to practice at home. The students are doing a fabulous job identifying their sight words. Keep up the great effort! The students must identify 75 sight words to receive a 3 on the next report card. Once your has mastered all the kindergarten words they will begin the first grade words..We already have several amazing students who have mastered the first grade sight words too!

Writers Workshop: We are continuing our writing on ways to make the world a better place.  Students are..

1-seeing a problem 2-thinking about that problem 3- writing a lot about that problem 4- deciding whom to address the problem too.  They did a great job last week writing different people about their problems including Mr. Cathey, Mr. Rodney, Mrs. Frey, myself, and several students in the class. Our writing focus this week is to really  be convincing in our writing by: telling our opinion, giving lots of reasons, being polite, and giving a fix-it idea.

Math: Problem solving; addition & subtraction;  fact fluency up to 5; creating larger numbers 11-19 with groups of 10; counting on from a given number;  comparing numerals between 1 – 10 as written numerals

Science: Living & Nonliving; Plants

Social Studies– The National Anthem and Earth Day.

Milestone testing (upper grades) continues through this week-April 10 – 20

Wheelwise Safety from Wellstar: April 12

School Dance:  April 27   6:00pm I will be working the cake walk. Please stop by and say hi.

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April 9

Welcome Back!

Spring break is over….


I hope everyone had a wonderful and a relaxing spring break with their families! 

As the older grades begin testing this week, our kindergarten schedule has changed.  I wanted to let you know we will be having specials in the morning from 8:05-8:50 (if you are tardy we may be at specials) and our lunch time will be 11:30-12:00. If you are planning to join your child for lunch please come at 11:30 for the next 2 weeks. Our snack time will be in the morning now too.

Although our schedule has changed, we still have lots of learning going on.

The new April homework caIendar will be in your child’s folder on Monday with new take home books and sight words. If you have not returned your take home books, return them ASAP.

Our new sight words are may, their, help, but, and please.

In Reader’s Workshop we will learning about about the importance of setting a personal goal to take ownership in our reading success. We will also learn more about the value of reading with partners to help us become better readers.

In Writer’s Workshop we will continue writing our opinion pieces. We will focus on using spelling strategies to write longer words. We will also learn how to write list, letters, songs, signs, and poems to share our opinions with others.

In math we will be working on the different ways to make 10, through numbers and story problems.

We are planning to go to the learning commons this week. Send back those library books.

Keep emailing me the pictures of our AVID readers!! I love seeing them read everywhere.

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March 27

March Madness

Our week at a glance….


Writing: We have started our next writing unit in writers workshop on opinion writing. As writers, we are discussing how we can make the world a better place. First, we think about a problem. Next, we think about how we could solve the problem.  Last, we write to persuade other people to solve the problem. We are using different types of writing to convince our readers such as a letter, sign, a book, or a  song. As we write, we reviewing how to use capital letters to start our sentences (also pronoun I), to reread and make sure we are using punctuation, using the word wall to help with sight words, and using correct letter formation and neat handwriting .

Reading Workshop:  We are learning to become avid readers!  We have discussed how avid readers never stop reading, read everywhere they go, have stacks of books waiting to be read, and how avid readers connect to the characters in their stories and share their feelings. As we read more challenging books, we are using all our super powers to help us decode harder words. If you see your child being an avid reader at home, please capture a picture and email it to me. I would like to spotlight avid readers each week (and surprise the students with their avid reader pictures).

Language Arts Skills: Comprehension (characters, setting, beginning, middle, end); making connections (text to text, text to self);  retelling (retelling hand); decoding strategies; rhyming words; word families, plurals, adding s; long and short vowels; silent e; r controlled vowels.

Sight words: with, find, of, which.  Today Thomas shared with us different ways he practices his sight words at home. If your child knows a sight word game or activities and would like to teach it to the class let me know. I will be sending home several sight word activities to enjoy over spring break.

Poetry: One Red Umbrella and The Easter Bunny

Math: Counting on, not always starting at one; numbers before and after; counting to 100 and counting up to 20 objects in a line, array, scattered configuration; addition and subtraction; addition and subtraction word problems; tens and more ones; math fact fluency to 10.

Social Studies/ Science: In Social Studies, we are learning about the Statue of Liberty.  In Science, our focus is on living and non living things.  We are super excited about the hatching of our chicks. I hope the boys and girls have shared all you all the fun learning that is going on at school..

Spring Centers will be this Friday, March 30th from 11:00 -12:00. More information will be going home tomorrow.  All parents are welcomed.

Upcoming Dates:

March 27- Guidance

March 28 – Library Books and Eggs Due

March 29  – STEM Lab (STEM or House T-shirts)

March 30 – Egg Hunt – 10:00

March 30 – Spring Centers – 11:00 – 12:00

April 2 – 6 – Spring Break (please make sure to check lost and found for missing items)


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March 19

Stemtastic Campaign

Dear Families,
The 2 week STEMtastic Campaign has kicked off! This is our Foundation’s only fundraiser this year. Our goal is for the STEMtastic Campaign is to raise funds for:
·      100% funding of STEM initiative
·      STEM Lab Supplies: K-5 and Special Services (robotics, electricity, magnetics, indoor/outdoor science, engineering kits, math kits, & more)
·      Technology
Prize levels are cumulative:
·      $10 – Chick-Fil-A Gift Card
·      $35 – 22oz. Science Mood cup
·      $75 – Carabiner Tape Measure
·      $100 – Mop Topper Pen/Highlighter
·      $150 – Pack of 9 Solar System Squishie Balls, String Bag, & Ear Buds…So cool!
·      $250 – iTunes Gift Card
Classroom Incentives:
100% participation gives us a pizza party and an extra STEM lab day!!
To Donate Online:
1.    Select the “STEMtastic 2018 Online Donation Link” link below.
2.   IMPORTANT –  Fill-in “special instructions for seller” with Student info (Last Name, First Name) so your student & classroom gets the correct donation credit.
Mail Donations to:
Frey Elementary Foundation
2865 Mars Hill Road
Acworth, GA 30101
Cash/Check Donations:
Send to school in a labeled envelope with our child’s name and turn in to your teacher. Make sure to list grade/teacher and note that it is for the STEMtastic Campaign.
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