Today we did a practice on the ocean floor Labeling the ocean floor practice-1dwdi5i Please remember to add add the continental rise to the above illustration. Its right at the bottom of the continental slope. We will finish our notes tomorrow on tides then begin work on our study guide. The test will be Wednesday, Read More…


Today classes were short so we finished our lab and turned it in. Then we started our notes on the movement of water (Ocean/Tides/Currents) Test over the Water Cycle, Ocean Floor, and Water movement December 19. Study guide to follow later in week.  


Today we did a salinity lab to learn how ocean currents can be caused by differences in salinity. We will finish the lab tomorrow… Also please be aware there will be test on Wednesday, December 19 over the following. Water Cycle Ocean floor/ ocean pressure and ocean lighting Waves/tides/currents Study guide to follow later this Read More…


Today: We took the ocean floor topography quiz. Watched video on tsunami- for our next unit 4 topic is waves/currents/tides. Wednesday, December 19 will be our unit 4 test. Study guide to follow next week. Test will cover the water cycle, ocean floor (topography), waves/currents/tides.    


Today we illustrated the Seafloor will finish it tomorrow in class. Remember to study your sea floor features and know why pressure changes with water depth and why deeper water is colder.  


Today we continued to work on our Water Cycle in class activity. It will be due tomorrow at the end of class. Also tomorrow we will have a short vocabulary quiz at the beginning of class…Please study. Water Cycle Vocabulary-1olehoo