Please continue to work on your project The Directions ask you to draw what your continent  will look like in 4,033 years. It will look not much different at all. When you consider it took about 250 million years for the plates to move apart as they are now, 4,033 years is really a very, Read More…


Today we took a quiz over plate tectonics. Then we started our in-class project . I know some people were confused on how to draw the plate boundaries concerning your continental plates you were assigned… this is an example of how to do the first part. Notice how the tectonic plate boundaries are not the Read More…


Today we finished the notes over earthquakes Earthquake and volcano notes- with answers-16e185g Then we did a earthquake and volcano mapping activity. Need to have completed by this Wednesday if you did not finish it in class.  


Today we continued with our notes on earthquakes and volcanoes. The file is so big I will put it here in seven parts. Its the only way I could get it to work. Earthquakes and volcanoes-part 1-1e02cfd Earthquakes and volcanoes-part 2-2bp8l3n Earthquakes and volcanoes-part 3-wuz2bl Earthquakes and volcanoes-part 4-rlaqcr Earthquakes and volcanoes-part 5-2ab3i5d Earthquakes and Read More…


Today we took notes over earthquakes and volcanoes- we will finish tomorrow. Not able to load PPT for the file is too large. Earthquake and volcano notes- with answers-16dzg0f      


Today in periods 1,3,4,5 we finished our snack lab Snack Tectonics lab sheet-1xb5fxa Then we finished our plate tectonic booklet Plate boundaries assignment-uo2wlm This is instructions on how to complete the booklet if you didn’t finish it in class. Plate boundaries booklet-1mzzbpq