Today we took the reading inventory in all science classes today. Test is Friday—-Regardless of snow day tomorrow…So study the following Plate Tectonics Study Guide with answers-x2m0v0 Plate-Tectonics-Study-Guide-with-answers-x2m0v0 (1)-scklet Also study the quizlet https://quizlet.com/_4a7qt9  


Today we did a convection current lab We also took our quiz over vocabulary words for plate tectonics We also handed out the study guide for the test on 1/19/18- the study guide is due this coming Wednesday. Plate Tectonics Study Guide-1ssybfg Here is a Quizlet you can use as well https://quizlet.com/_4a7qt9  


Today in all classes we prepared for our vocabulary quiz tomorrow by taking a vocabulary practice quiz. Some students did very well on the quiz. As a result those particular students will not have to take the quiz tomorrow if they don’t want to. Students who did not do well need to study and prepare Read More…


Finished our vocabulary ppt Plate Tectonic Vocabulary- PPT-1gejuki Did a matching game called speed dating using the vocabulary words. Speed dating activity-1a2ukkv Played kahoots. Quiz on Friday over these words  


Today in class we continued with Vocabulary PowerPoint…We will quiz over it next Thursday 1/11/18 Plate Tectonic Vocabulary- PPT-1gejuki We also downloaded into the students BYOD ¬†Quakefeed – an earthquake app ¬†for their IPhones so they could plot on the plate boundaries 5.0 magnitude earthquakes and higher boundaries-1phky0c No homework.  


I want to thank everyone who offered a gift and/or words of Christmas cheer and encouragement. Your gifts, and thoughts are well appreciated. I hope everyone has a superb Christmas break and I look forward to the next half of the year. Merry Christmas David Cunningham  


Today we worked on our in house project. We will finish in class on Monday. If you want to work on it at home check out slide 7 as a resource. Layers of the Earth- chapter 7 section 1-2jt860f Remember your directed reading is due Monday. Directed Reading Chapter 7 Section 1-238hzx9 Have a great Read More…