Today we finished all our notes and reviewed for our quiz tomorrow. Attached is allĀ  the notes we have covered in class with answers. Please study. Review for Science Quiz 1_-please study-1co0fj3


Today we finished the going over the formation of our solar system worksheet. We started the size and scope of our universe notes today. Tomorrow we will review for our quiz on Thursday…Please bring BOYD if you have a sticker approving you to use it at school. No homework.


Today we Finished our Penny drop precision and accuracy lab… Then we began our notes on the historic models of the universe…Attached are the notes from today’s class. Historic Models of Astronomy notes-1vlra53 No homework  


Today in class we: Finished our reading/ questioning introduction concerning the historical formation of our solar system. We went over it in class to ensure all had the correct answers. We begun our penny drop lab to learn the difference between accuracy and precision. No homework.


Today in all classes we collected our signed “safety contract” you and your parents were supposed to fill out and return today. I need these if you are to do any labs in class. If you lost yours and need another one print off and return this copy of the safety contract. lab safety contract- Read More…


Today we went over our safety scenarios and handed out the safety contracts. Students must sign and date as well as parents and students must return the signed contract back into me. Thanks, lab safety contract- flinn-25fzyib  


Today in all classes we Did lab safety stations- we did not finish but will finish Monday. Analyzing illustrations – lab safety stations-29lqsic Safety Station answer sheet- Goes with analyzing illustrations-254vbeg No homework Have a great weekend!


Today in class we finished our “Observation Lab” Observation Lab- short-1fwq9ow We also went over our syllabus Syllabus Science 2018-2019-OL-26b4162 Syllabus AC Science 2018-2019-AC-1tmtns9


What a first day! I am excited to teach each and every one of you! Today we were seated in alphabetical order and we did a class activity. The class activity was an observation lab…We will finish the lab tomorrow.