Today in class we did the following:

Periods 1 thru 4 did:

Warm up- Based on the video we saw yesterday in class what two factors do you think could result in a landslide.

Answers were: gravity, wind, ice wedging, rain, forest fires…..

Then we did the following vocabulary activity:

Vocabulary Terms activity directions_-1u9h667

Then we started our notes over chapter 12 but not in all classes. Here are the clozed notes for chapter 12 (all sections) completed

closed for chapter 12 with answers-23ob76w

Now if you want to get ahead here are all the terms for chapter 12 section 1 in a power-point presentation.

Chapter 12 section 1 Vocabulary-1imdprq

Now the terms for chapter 12 section 2 are below but I do not have the Powerpoint for them as of yet

Chapter 12 section 2 vocabulary graphic organizer-169vsn4

The only homework is to finish the first 8 terms if you did not finish them in class today. You can find them in the PPT entitled Vocabulary Terms activity directions.


Period 5

Continued to work on their PPT presentations for chapter 12 to the class.

Group 1 presents tomorrow and if time permits group two will follow.