Periods 1,2,3,4 you have an open notes quiz tomorrow. Please bring what we have already completed in class.

closed for chapter 12 with answers-23ob76w

Chapter 12- section 1 and 2 homework-25zdzgs

Bring the graphic organizers not- the Power-Points printed below. You can use the Power-points to make sure you have the correct answers  or complete your terms, if you lost them or failed to write them down in class.You need the terms written down in you own words unless you were instructed not to do so.

Chapter 12 section 1 Vocabulary-1imhfwg

Vocabulary chapter 12 section 2-293ub82

Period 5- Group 2 presented today and did really good job!

Home work for you is the following which is due Monday.

Chapter 12 Vocabulary- All four sections-2aytqq5

Chapter 12- section 1 and 2 homework-25zdzgs