Today we: Periods 1,2,3,4 did webquest today…see below- We will work on it tomorrow as well


Also on Friday we will have an open notes quiz over chapter 12 sections 3 and 4.

AC- 5th period- We completed our notes over chapter 12

Period 5 we will test on Friday so please study

closed for chapter 12 with answers-23ob76w

Make sure your vocabulary sheet is filled out correctly by following below

Chapter 12 section 1 Vocabulary-1imdprq

Vocabulary chapter 12 section 2-293ub82

Chapter 12 Section 3 vocabulary-1q7b56m

Chapter 12 Vocabulary section 3 part 2-1110h8t

Chapter 12 sec 4 vocabulary-1szvbs4

Below is a study guide- Go ahead and get started on it. I will hand this out tomorrow.

Chapter 12 Study Guide-z0utxi