Today 11/6/17- I corrected the completed study guide with how we corrected it in class today. So now you have the completed study guide with correct answer for questions 6 and 8 on this blog. The test is this Wednesday…Please study.

Friday, 11/3/17,  I added the open notes quiz for chapter 12 sec 3 and 4…. Now everyone has all they need to study for the chapter 12 test- the test is this coming Wednesday.

AC received their test they took on Friday back- and we watched a video on How the Earth was Made to introduce our new unit.

Review material for test over chapter 12.

Periods 1,2,3,4 will take the test next Wednesday.

Here is a copy of all you need to prepare for the test.

Chapter 12 section 1 Vocabulary-1imdprq

Vocabulary chapter 12 section 2-293ub82

Chapter 12 Section 3 vocabulary-1q7b56m

Chapter 12 Vocabulary section 3 part 2-1110h8t

Chapter 12 sec 4 vocabulary-1szvbs4

closed for chapter 12 with answers-23ob76w

Open notes quiz Chapter 12 section 1 and 2-prhdq2

open notes quiz Chapter 12 sections 3 and 4-2esouj3

Chapter 12- section 1 and 2 homework-25zdzgs

Chapter 12 section 1 and 2 homework key-1j8v6iq

chapter 12 sec 3 and 4 homework-pmenz2

Chapter 12 section 3 and 4 homework key-24owxtt

Chapter 12 Study Guide-z0utxi

Chapter 12 Completed Study Guide-2c63qi4

Here is a quizlet for Chapter 12