Today we: 2nd, 3rd, 5th periods met today. Below are 2nd period notes entitled AC AC notes Ac Intro to Meteorology Notes-1ct6196 AC Meteorology Intro-re0zvn 3rd-4th and 5th period here are your notes Meteorology_introduction-1uwazwe Intro_to_Meteorology_PPT_open notes-2mo8zld


Today we: Watched Felix Baumgartner’s jump from 24 miles up to begin our lesson on atmosphere, climate, and weather. Baumgartner-297d3re Then we began our PPT with notes -see ppt below Intro_to_Meteorology_PPT_open notes-2mo8zld Meteorology_introduction-1uwazwe Also there has been a lot of request for the planet/star size comparison video, so here it is. Universe size comparison-10p1u5j  


Test tomorrow: Please study Use the completed study guide below and the quizlet to prepare…Everyone knock this test out of the park! Unit 2 Study guide with answers-2g01774 https://quizlet.com/_5cx7c1 AC: Period 2 use the link above and the study guide below to prepare Unit 2 Study Guide- with answeres-16t8dwf


Today we took a practice quiz to see where we need to brush up on for the test.   We started the study guide- Due Monday Periods 1,3,4,5 do the following study guide OL Unit 2 study guide-1e9iak3 Period 2 do the following study guide- AC Unit 2 Study Guide-1ro19ix all study guides are due Monday