Today: We almost finished the notes in all classes in our packet–see previous blog entry(5/7-8-9-10) for all the completed notes. Make sure you have your notes (not mine) and bring them with you to class tomorrow. We will be doing a test check- open notes when we finish the packet.  If everyone is up-to-date as Read More…


All classes- open notes test from packet on Wednesday. Today in all classes we took the moon phase (open note) quiz. Watched video on super-nova. No homework Period 5 worked on in-class research project. Period 5 your packet is due when I return.


Quiz Friday over the phases of the moon…Test over packet on Wednesday…. Both are open notes–(your notes) not mine. Today we took notes- See below Watched video on galaxies Packet information below Astronomer Graphic Organizer – Answer Key-2o5mp5i Chapter 17 Climate Notes – 2015 KEY-113yp8f The Seasons answer Key-1dixbov Chapter 18 and 19 Note Sheet Read More…


Today we: Watched a video on where we are in the universe. Continued to work in our packet. AC- worked on their in-class- research project No homework.