My homeroom will test during the morning(s) this week concerning the Milestones. Today we In all classes did the following notes: 2- Air Masses-1g9s5ff 2a- guide notes for air mass ppt-2hhl63q 1-notes weather fronts-2l038ml 2- Notes Guided notes-q49y1b Home work- See below 1.Go to www.phschool.com 2.On the right side of the page, enter the web Read More…


https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=-x3OL5-ROEmquMR_D8kYLapvvUXTappDoee0IBXU70BURFpNWUhCOVVZUlRHWldQUkFXTFNOSEJKVS4u Take a minute and do the aboveĀ  and below survey. Extra credit of 5 pts if you do both. https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=-x3OL5-ROEmquMR_D8kYLapvvUXTappDoee0IBXU70BUNU45Q1BUSktLRjdFWTBMNzhKUEg5SjA5US4u Today we started our notes on weather right after we took our pretest over weather. No Homework


I heard that some of you were not able to get link to open for the quiz review. So if you were out today and want to study for the wind quiz see below     Quizizz https://join.quizizz.com Code 727104   Quizlett https://quizlet.com/_4nj0tl Today we took our quiz and watched a weather video.. No homework


Today we finished up notes and reviewed for our quiz tomorrow. Click on the below local review- it is a word document that has quiz review games for you. Local review- winds and heat transfer-2819blh Day 1-ch.-15-winds-ppt-6-1p6tk4o Heat-Transfer-2010-1s8cx2l-1gl9n3y


Today we finished the graphing activity on unequal heating. uequal heating lab-2n5vx83– Please make sure you answer all the questions that are underneath the graph so that you can get full credit for the graph. We did the graph in class the questions you need to answer. It is due Monday. I understand their was Read More…


Today in periods 1,2,3,4 We did a few science demonstrations concerning unequal heating with balloons filled with air and water. Found that water balloon absorb the heat and the balloon will not burst. Then we took notes over the following. Below is a copy of the notes and accompanying PPT. Day 1-ch.-15-winds-ppt-6-1p6ignh Day 1-ch.-15-winds-ppt-6- clozed Read More…


Today we: Periods 1,2,3,4 Reviewed the vocabulary–Tomorrow quiz over atmosphere- study and bring your flip-book and vocabulary note sheet you received today with you to class. Atmosphere- vocabulary ppt-2jtqhk0 Atmosphere vocabulary- goes with vocabulary ppt-1lafkko Period 5 Today we worked on our presentations Tomorrow your presentations are due as soon as you walk into class. Read More…