Today: Students completed their flip book on the Atmosphere.- If not finished make sure its done tonight. Atmosphere flipbook-1mzva2e Also due Monday is the following. You have a choice of one of three activities to complete. Choice activity Mr. Troposphere-15jxdqz We also Did a ticket in the door over the atmosphere where we measure student Read More…


Today we: Did we checked and did the following worksheet. Below are the correct answers and diagram Then we went over the answers in the workbook thus everyone should have the correct answers for 249 thru 257…  


Today: We read  and answered questions in pages 245-257 in our workbook–Make sure that is complete for tomorrow. remember you don’t need to answer number 4 on page 249 and number 8 on page 252. Also tomorrow the reinforcement worksheet “Earth’s Amazing Atmosphere” is due. It was a good day!  


Today we finished the notes in all classes…. for atmosphere Periods 1,3,4,5 notes Intro_to_Meteorology_PPT_notes-with answers-15zwql3 AC Meteorology Intro-rec80k Meteorology_introduction-1uwo1xk   2nd period notes Ac Intro to Meteorology Notes-1cth8vu Ac Intro to Meteorology Notes-1cth8wg AC Meteorology Intro-rec80k Homework was the reinforcement worksheet I gave you. Its due Wednesday for all classes.      


Today we: 2nd, 3rd, 5th periods met today. Below are 2nd period notes entitled AC AC notes Ac Intro to Meteorology Notes-1ct6196 AC Meteorology Intro-re0zvn 3rd-4th and 5th period here are your notes Meteorology_introduction-1uwazwe Intro_to_Meteorology_PPT_open notes-2mo8zld


Today we: Watched Felix Baumgartner’s jump from 24 miles up to begin our lesson on atmosphere, climate, and weather. Baumgartner-297d3re Then we began our PPT with notes -see ppt below Intro_to_Meteorology_PPT_open notes-2mo8zld Meteorology_introduction-1uwazwe Also there has been a lot of request for the planet/star size comparison video, so here it is. Universe size comparison-10p1u5j