What a first day! I am excited to teach each and every one of you! Today we were seated in alphabetical order and we did a class activity. The class activity was an observation lab…We will finish the lab tomorrow.  


School Tomorrow! Looking forward to meeting everyone tomorrow for the very first time. Your year will be what you want to make it. I am proclaiming this year to be the best year ever. Lets make it the best year ever together! See you tomorrow, Mr. Cunningham


Today: We almost finished the notes in all classes in our packet–see previous blog entry(5/7-8-9-10) for all the completed notes. Make sure you have your notes (not mine) and bring them with you to class tomorrow. We will be doing a test check- open notes when we finish the packet.  If everyone is up-to-date as Read More…


All classes- open notes test from packet on Wednesday. Today in all classes we took the moon phase (open note) quiz. Watched video on super-nova. No homework Period 5 worked on in-class research project. Period 5 your packet is due when I return.


Quiz Friday over the phases of the moon…Test over packet on Wednesday…. Both are open notes–(your notes) not mine. Today we took notes- See below Watched video on galaxies Packet information below Astronomer Graphic Organizer – Answer Key-2o5mp5i Chapter 17 Climate Notes – 2015 KEY-113yp8f The Seasons answer Key-1dixbov Chapter 18 and 19 Note Sheet Read More…