February 7

Weekly Webcast for February 7th


Field Trip Forms – Atlanta History Center

  • 1 Chaperone
  • March 16 @ 9:00


Cold weather is back… for now

  • Dress for the weather


School Dance is tonight

  • 4th grade at 8:00 to 9:00
  • Come ready to glow


The Lost and Found is bursting! Please stop by during the school dance on Friday (or any other time this week) and claim your missing items. All items will be donated to charity on Friday, February 14th before the February break!


What’s going on in class?


Shameless Plug – Fencing Summer Camp June 22nd

January 31

Weekly Webcast for January 31st



  • The big walk, hopefully we’ll be a STEAM certified school after today
  • Guest speaker Sharon McCullough
  • Check the school twitter and my Twitter tag @Mr_Eichler for some pics

Time Management and Homework

  • Don’t spend 3 hours on HW
    • Send a note and what you got done w/out penalty


  • Time to hand out cards
  • Class list at the top of the Class Info Tab

Lunch with the Doctor next Friday Feb 7th @ 12:30

  • Season 2 Episode 3 – Class Reunion
  • Featuring the return of Sara-Jane Smith from the 70’s

What’s going on in class?

January 24

Weekly Webcast for January 24th


Lunch with the Doctor

  • Not next Friday, moved to Friday Feb 7th 
  • Next Friday is STEAM showcase Day

Math Fact/Minecraft Bet

  • For those that scored Under 90
  • Minecraft Lunch for a week
  • Greater than 90 facts correct in 5:00
  • Practice 10-20 minutes every night

What’s going on in class?

January 17

Weekly Webcast for January 17th

Not in the video: This just in…
The writing contest Honoring Our Heroes has been extended to Tuesday, January 21.
All entries must be submitted to the LLC by 5pm.

Reading – 10 Book challenge – Off to a great start
– Just about everyone is reading
– Dangle that Carrot – Ice cream party

What’s going on in class?

January 10

Weekly Webcast for Friday January 10th, 2020


Report cards
– Live on ParentVue
– RI/MI Scales on Parent Info tab top of OneNote

– Don’t tell them they’re learning please, they think it’s a game
– All things in moderation
– Do not buy a premium account
– I will assign standards or review and practice through the game

10 Book Challenge Friday, April 3rd 2020
– Big ice cream party as a reward
– 10 books from 9 different genres
– At least 100 pages each
– Don’t put it off, start now!

What’s going on in class?
Math – Fractions
Reading – Dahl Study
Writing – Opinion
Science – wx
Soc. Stu. – Westward Expansion leading to the Civil War

December 13

Weekly Webcast for December 13th

Keyboards – They are in many and various stages of disrepair

  • Need to learn how to type for milestone
  • Type to learn HW


Next week

  • Holiday party on Wednesday @1:00
    • Special episode of Dr. Who
  • Very low key, calm, quiet, screams of excitement

1:45 Check Out Time

We will not be checking students out after 1:45 during holiday parties. If you are thinking your party will run after 1:45, please inform the parents that their students can be walkers and meet them up front after dismissal.

  • Tuesday, December 17 – Sparkle and Shine Day – Wear your blingiest, sparkliest attire.
  • Thursday, December 19 – Go crazy holiday attire!
  • Friday, December 20 – Pajama Day


Dress for the weather!!

Coats are a must! Not a sweatshirt


Save the date!

Red Cross Blood Drive – January 30, 2020 from 2:15-7:00 pm

Tritt Trot 5K & 1 Mile Fun Run on Sat, March 7, 2020