Week 4- Sew much to do!

Mon.- Fri.- This week we will be working on our sewing project- a track bag or a pillow (student choice).  In this unit, they learn to thread a machine, create a pattern, proper layout and cutting, how to work and thread a sewing machine, stitching and project completion.  All will be completed in class! DUE […]

Week 2- “Sew” much to do and garden!

WEEK 2 PLANS: Mon.– Planting our Fall/Winter garden + 8th grade field trips  HOME LAB for laundry will be assigned- due Wed.- Oct.31 Tues.– *Sewing project needs will be addressed-  1/3 yard of cut fabric, or an old t-shirt, or a pillowcase and 3 yards of 1/2 in. ribbon, or a pair of 54″ shoelaces- DUE  […]

Week 1! 2018! Welcome to Family and Consumer Science (FACS)!

Just a little info. to get us started: “Family and Consumer Science” is an academic discipline that combines aspects of social and natural science. Family  and consumer sciences deal with the relationship between individuals, families, communities, and the environment in which they live. The field represents many career pathways including , early childhood education, family economics and resource […]

Week 9- Student Project and Presentations- All week! Oct. 1-5

Mon.- Fri.-   The students will present their cumulative power point presentations and food items!  This will be a summative grade and it will be posted with 24 hours of the presentation and will be given the graded rubric to take home.   We all enjoy these; there is so much to learn! STANDARDS: CONTENT KNOWLEDGE:  FOOD, […]

Week 8- Working right along!

This week at a glance: Mon.- Wed.- We have reserved the computer lab to research our cumulative projects and create the power points. Thurs. and Fri.-  We will be planting our fall/winter garden (in our 10 new raised garden beds.)  We will also work in the food pantry as needed. STANDARDS: CONTENT KNOWLEDGE:  FOOD, NUTRITION, […]

New Week- New Unit! Foods, Nutrition and Wellness

Please plan to attend “Open House” this week!  I’ll be there all three nights! This week: Mon.-  Summative grades will be entered for the “Egg Baby” project.  In class, we will cover reading “Nutrition Fact Labels”- the who, what, when, where and why. Tues.- Superfoods and what they do for our bodies Wed.- Teacher demo. […]

It Can’t be Week 6! We’re Flying!

This week, we will complete the Early Childhood Education unit and begin our Food, Nutrition and Wellness Unit.  As a summative project (and grade) the students will be responsible for an “egg baby” beginning on Wed. and ending on Fri.  We have been discussing its purpose in class. This week at a glance: Mon.-  Enjoy […]

Week 5- New Unit & Loads of Info.!

After great success with our fashion and interior design unit, we are moving into the “Early Childhood Education” unit.  Traditionally, this is enlightening and geared toward appreciation for all thoughts (and our hard work) put into the development of children. Mon.-  Journal articles and narrative writing on childhood issue Tues.- Teacher power point on the […]

Mon.- Fri.- We will be completing our track bags and/or pillows.   Early finishers will be starting our community service projects- to which we have several! We are off to a great start!   STANDARDS: CONTENT KNOWLEDGE: INTERIOR DESIGN- Students will analyze factors (social, psychological, economic, cultural) affecting housing and interior design decisions for individuals and families […]

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