Week 6- Oh baby…. and Cultural presentations, too!

Presentations will be on Fridays.  Mon.- Thurs. of this week, we will complete our Early Childhood Education unit. DUE NOV.28- Each student will need a 5 lb. BAG OF FLOUR, CORNMEAL, RICE OR DRY BEANS to participate in the “Sugar baby” project.  The best news is that we will donate our bags to the food […]

Week 6- Early Childhood Development unit

We have accomplished so much in 5 weeks!  This week, we begin a new unit.  Early Childhood development is always a student favorite! Standard(s) of Focus: Assessment:   Remediation:     Resources: Students will analyze human growth and development and demonstrate the integration of knowledge, skills and practices of the caregiver-educator roles.   We will […]

Week 4- Sewing along…. We need a little more time!

The unit (sewing project) that we are working on takes a little time since we are sharing machines.  The students are working diligently.  Those who finish early are working on community service (Food Pantry) and helping others.   We are covering  FACS STANDARDS :  CONTENT KNOWLEDGE: INTERIOR DESIGN-  Students will analyze factors (social, psychological, economic, […]

Week 5- Research for Cumulative Projects + Kick off Child Development Unit

This week, we have reserved 3 days in the Media Center to complete our research and power point for the cumulative FACS project.  The students selected their topic, their partners and their presentation dates.   The first presentation date is Sept. 9 and run until Oct. 3- mostly on Fridays. The end of the week, […]

Week 3 in FACS- Things are “Sew” Good!

The Fashion design and Interior design units are always student favorites!  We go through a few adjustments and a little frustration over learning to work a sewing machine.  After that, every single student LOVES their newfound skills and their pillow project!  It is rewarding as a teacher.  We have created our patterns and are ready […]

Week 2 in FACS! “Sew Much To Do!”

We will  be exploring every aspect from fibers to fabric this week!  This unit combines the FACS Interior design and fashion design standards.  We will be creating a pillow of their choice.  I am sending home an information sheet.  Basically, each student will need fabric.  It is not about purchasing anything expensive.  Some students bring […]

Week 1! Welcome to Family and Consumer Science (FACS)!

Just a little info. to get us started: “Family and Consumer Science” is an academic discipline that combines aspects of social and natural science. Family  and consumer sciences deal with the relationship between individuals, families, communities, and the environment in which they live. The field represents many career pathways including , early childhood education, family economics and resource […]

Week 9! It just can’t be our last week together! Oct. 2-6

We have had a very productive 9 weeks!  In our final week together, we will complete the Cumulative FACS Presentations, create a food lab and finish distribution for the Food Pantry and get the gardens ready for our fall planting!   Whew!   PLEASE KNOW-  It has been my absolute pleasure to teach this group […]

Week 8!

Monday- Wed.-  “Sugar Babies”   Don’t forget to bring your 4- 10 lb. bag of sugar, flour, rice or cornmeal to complete the project! The guidelines are simple: The responsibility of the “sugar baby” is that of the student. The students must keep the “sugar baby” safely with them for the duration of the project. […]

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