We love Kindergarten!

Cowpoke Families!!!  Looking forward to seeing you on the track in the a.m.  Likely as not you will be able to park in the bus port area as the buses will all have delivered by 8:15.  You will not be admitted to the building as testing is going on in 3rd and 5th this week….so we will just meet you on the track!

Mrs. Turner and I suggested to the children that they leave cumbersome costume pieces with you after the parade is over…then they will not have to deal with those as we dismiss Friday afternoon.  We put off the parade as our paras were proctoring for testing…with the two days missed…they still are!  We are sad that Mrs. Turner won’t be able to join us as we parade with you.  Thanks in advance for all you do to support our classroom activities!

Debra and Kim

Cowpoke Families!!!

Welcome back to our babes tomorrow morning!  It has been a bit of a vaca these last two days…thankfully the weather was not as harsh as we might have thought it to be.  Hope everyone fared well.

I have missed my littles and look forward to seeing them…

We are looking at 2D shapes in math…recognizing them in different postions…extending to more interesting shapes i.e., rhombus, hexagon, and trapezoids…we will soon move into 3D shapes…specifically cube, cone, sphere, cylinder…but want to extend to pyramid, rectangular solid, etc.

Sending home reading folders tomorrow.  They will come home each day with a leveled reader except for Fridays…they will come home empty…we encourage you to commit to Raz Kids on the weekend.  Your child’s Raz Kids log in is included in the folder.

In writing we are enjoying Animal Babies and parent how to draw…good information related to…labeling…writing sentences!

Starting to talk about maps and globes…address, city, state.

Thank you for helping your child get their writing folders back to school…we will let them ‘show and tell’ their folder picture contents.  Thank you too for helping with the Science homework…animal babies/parent same and different/facts.

Don’t forget our Fundations Parade Friday morning 8:30 on the track…weather permitting…inside the terrace level hallways if not.


Debra and KIm

Cowpoke Families!!!!

Greetings on this September Sunday!  I am sitting here working on lesson plans and thinking about my favorite kiddos on Earth!  You have an amazing kinder and collectively they make for one amazing class family.

Our field trip was out of this world.  We, as a team, love this trip as it is a ‘testing trip’…how can we do collectively as a class outside of our ‘home’.  Well, you can ask our two mom chaperones, myself, Kim, the bus driver, and the CNC naturalists…we rocked it!  Mrs. Clackum worried that prayers regarding weather might have been unheard (probably because I have had many prayers answered in the last 4 months and maybe I was being ‘cut off’ 🙂 but no, the weather cleared up IMMEDIATELY after I walked out of the CNC office…having paid kinders, teachers, and sweet parents into the CNC.  Thank you to Christy Garuccio (Maggie’s mom) and Liz Vola (Rory’s mom) for helping us out on this first trip!  Our next trip is in October and is sure to be every bit as successful as this one!

Look for the reading folders to come home this week coming up!  Most are just at the beginning of this reading journey…others are a bit further down that road.  But as our village works together…all of us will be where we should be at the end of our 2017-18 trip (by the way…that will be in 165 days!…unless we have snow).  I would like to enlist you to read diligently EVERY afternoon/evening from that reading folder with your Cowpoke…Monday-Thursday of every week.  Your child can bring home a new ‘just right’ book EVERY day Monday-Thursday…I would like to NOT send a book on Fridays…encouraging you to read online with RAZ kids (the log on will be included with the reading folder like you received for IXL recently).

By the way, thank you for your quick response to IXL opportunities.  It is one way that children who are a bit accelerated in math foundational skills to enjoy extending themselves!!!  We do have some little math minds for sure…they can quickly and confidently answer our higher level questions regarding numbers, counting, patterns, time, etc.  They do stand out as kinders who think more mathematically and math may be there strength area where language arts is a strength for other peers.  WE are all smart in some area!  Also, check out Greg Tang’s website for free fun for your brainiac… We are excited to do some fun extension for so many of us who already know a lot about 2D shapes…as we want to examine that subject in math next.

In writing, thank you so much for starting to send in the writing folders…we told the kids we did not need them back until September…so if you could start sending them back by the end of Labor Day week we would LOVE it.  Thanks in advance for spending that time with your Cowpoke looking through important photos and adding those to inspire your writer.  WE will formally start Writer’s Workshop this week….LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our writing curriculum.  You will see growth in your kinder in all areas of Language Arts as this area improves!

In Science, you will receive a homework assignment this week.  Your child chose the animal pair to be ‘investigated’ at home…they will ‘report’ to the rest of the class…educating us all on the specifics of their animal of choice.  Thanks in advance for you attention to this investigation.

In Social Studies, we realized that rules are important to our lives…in the home, classroom, neighborhood, and society at large!  They keep us safe and happy.  We made rules together as a class family (learning to ‘word’ them in a positive vein…instead of ‘Don’t’ run…always walk…instead of ‘Don’t hurt others’…Hands and feet to yourself, etc.).  We have signed our commitment to keeping these rules and are hanging them on our wall for needed reference.  We also marked Labor Day and discussed it’s importance to those of us who work to make a living for our families but…also hold in high regard our stay at home moms and dads in the world…my, my the work is important!

Enjoy the rest of your Labor Day holiday weekend.  It has been a restful one for our families for sure.

Best regards,

Debra and Kim