First 10 days + 1!

We celebrated our first 10 days of school with a first visit from Zero the Hero. We sang to her as she met us…Zero the Hero came to school…Zero the Hero…she’s so cool! Zero the Hero saves the space….so all the other numbers can stay in their place!

Happy b’day to Smera! We have counted down to our first birthday celebration and it was today! And, she was fortunate enough to be leader on her birthday!

We did a first baseline writing about ourselves on Monday which kicked off a week and a half of how to draw, label and compose. WE are now working on our first book…you will receive at conference.

Reading folders will come home soon with a leveled, appropriate book for your little reader. We have administered our first reading assessments one on one with most of our Cowpokes.

You will receive a writing folder this week to decorate with your child and return to school. Directions are included inside the folder.

In math we went on a number walk on Monday and discussed why numbers are important.

In social studies we will write class rules tomorrow…after brainstorming and reading about rules and why they are important.

Our STEM shelf and maker space materials have been a favorite spot in out classroom since Aug. 1. Thank you to Coleman’s family for providing Solo cups for our shelf…the class is beyond excited.

On that note, thank you so much for your donations from our wish list! The response was immediate and exciting.

Kim and I are loving all the little personalities…we lucked out to have such a precious little group assigned to us!

Open House

Thank you for an amazing open house experience yesterday evening! You were a sweet audience for us! Thank you for your quick response to our wishes and needs as well…so many sent in T-shirt/folder $$ and class funds…paper work was completed…it’s all good!

Welcome new Cowpokes and Cowpoke famlies!

Mrs. Turner and I are looking forward to seeing you all on Monday between 10 and 11:30!
We’ve read over the names…noted birthdates…everything we can to familiarize ourselves with our new group.
We have 20 children right now…12 boys and 8 girls…Shhh! Don’t share that info with your kinder…# in class will be math the first day…# of boys and girls the next day!