Anatomy Syllabus 2009-10 danielson

Anatomy Timeline and Major Projects and Labs

Labs and projects are subject to change. This is just an overview of what to expect.



Projects/ Labs


Jan 5-25


Body systems Power Point

Homeostatic Imbalance

Awareness Poster Project

Ch 1

Jan 26- Feb 9


Classification and ID of Tissues  Microscope Lab

Tissue Lab Practical

Ch 4

Feb10 –

Feb 24

Integumentary system

Hair Classification Lab

Hair Impression Lab

Fingerprint Identification Lab

3D Interactive Skin Model

Suggested materials:

(construction paper, colored pencils, yarn, markers, Styrofoam, sponge, pipe cleaners)

Ch 5

Feb 25 – Mar 16

Skeletal system

Chicken Bone Dissection Lab;


Skeleton Lab Practical

Ch 6 & 7

Mar 17- Mar 30

Muscular system

Medical Brochure Project

Muscle Response  Lab

(Empty Gallon Milk Jug)

Movable Forearm Model

(3 wooden dowels, 4 small screws, hinges; wood glue, hammer, 4 long balloons, markers, tape measure, milk jug)

Ch 9 & 10

Mar 30 –  April 16

Nervous system

Interactive Nervous System Project

(Poster board, small rice cakes, colored thread, large marshmallows, construction paper, markers)

Eye & Brain Dissection Labs

Ch 11 – 15

 Apr 19

Cardiovascular system

3-D Interactive Model of Heart

Suggested materials:

(modeling clay, straws or tubing, yarn, pins )

Heart Dissection Lab

Ch 17- 19

May 3

Respiratory system

Vital Lung Capacity Lab

(2 liter soda bottles, bucket, 2 foot piece of surgical tubing)

Respiratory Physiology Lab

Ch 22


Digestive system

Demonstration of Fat Content Lab

Ch 23 – 24


Reproductive system

Reproduction, Fetal Development or Genetics Project

Ch 27

May 3- 7

Lymphatic and Immune system

Disease Power Point Project

Ch 20 – 21

May 10- 14

Final Exam

Cat Dissection Lab Practical

Final Exam Review


Ch 1 Basics of Anatomy

Chapter 1 Part A: Fill in the blank notes:  Ch01-a FIB 

                     Part B: Fill in the blank notes: Ch01-b FIB

Ch 4 Histology- The Study of Tissues

Lab practical REVIEW PPT:

Ch 4 ID tissues review for lab practical part 1
Ch 4 ID tissues review for lab practical part 2

Chapter 4 Part A: Fill in the blank notes: Ch04-a-FIB

                     Part B: Fill in the blank notes: Ch04-b-FIB

                     Part C: Fill in the blank notes: Ch04-c-FIB

Ch 5 Integumentary System

Ch 5 Integementary System- concpet map directions

Chapter 5 Part A: Fill in the blank notes: ch05_FIB

Ch 6: The Skeletal System

Chapter 6 Part A: Fill in  the blank notes: ch06-a-FIB

                     Part B: Fill in the blank notes:ch06-b fill-in notes

Ch 7 The Skeleton

Chapter 7 Part A: Fill in  the blank notes: ch07-a-FIB

                     Part B: ch07-b-FIB

                     Part C: ch07-c-FIB

Skeleton Test_review game danielson

Ch 9 Muscular System and Muscle Tissues

Ch 9 Part A: Fill in the blank notes: ch09-a short versionFIB

Ch 10: 10-aFIB

Ch 11- 15: The Nervous System and Special Senses

Ch 11 Fundamentals of nervous system assignments

11-a_FIB Danielson

Nervous System Project

Ch 17 – 19: Blood and Cardiovascular System

Ch 22 The Respiratory System

Ch 23 Digestive System and Metabolism

Ch 25 The Urinary System

Ch 27 The Reproductive System