Week of April 23, 2016

This week in Reading…

You will be creating a magazine! You received a timeline/schedule of assignments and due dates.  Be sure to follow that and comet o class prepared each day with the required components so that your group will stay on track.

This week for homework…

Follow the schedule received in class!

This week in Language Arts…

We are finishing Walk Two Moons and will finish your double entry journals as well. Next week we will move on to your written response to literature.

If you have kept up with your journal entries in class, you should not have homework this week.

Week of April 16, 2018

This week in READING….

We will continue Unbroken, hopefully finishing the book by Friday.  You will also learn about the research project we will do when we have finished Louie’s story.

This week for homework…

Towards the end of the week, you will have a topic assigned/selected to begin researching at home.

This week in LANGUAGE ARTS…

We will continue to read Walk Two Moons.  We should make it through chapter 32 by Friday. You will continue to add to your double entry journals.  I will grade the DEJ as an assessment grade once you have completed 10 entries. On Tuesday you will have a quiz over chapters 16-25.

This week for homework…

Monday night – study your study guide for WTM quiz on Tuesday!


Week of March 26, 2018

I’m hoping that you all believe in “better late than never”… I’m sorry for the delayed post this week!

This week in READING…

You received one last Milestone prep assignment.  It will be due on Friday.  We also continued Unbroken reading through chapter 26. You also had another opportunity to familiarize yourself with the online version of the Milestone.

If you are in 1st block, please don’t forget that registration forms are due back by tomorrow.

For homework…

Milestone prep due Friday

This week in LANGUAGE ARTS

We are working on argumentative writing.  You have learned the main components of argument writing: claims, reasons, evidence.

There is no homework this week.

Week of March 19, 2018

This week IN CLASS in READING…

On Monday you worked in small groups discussing  the text.

Tuesday – Thursday, we will read Part IV and update your anchor assignments and you will learn about the performance task we will do as a culminating assignment at the end of the novel.

Friday you will have a test over the Part IV terms, and then we will review and discuss the passages that you have completed for homework.

This week for homework…

You will receive  milestone preparation to be completed for homework.  You will receive the packet on Tuesday and it will be due on Friday.


This week in LANGUAGE ARTS…

On Monday, you completed the silent reading comprehension questions for chapters 17-19.

We will read through chapter 21 and complete a double entry journal on Tuesday.

Wednesday we will pause the novel study and begin preparations for the Milestone test.

This week for homework…

You may need to finish classwork that you were not able to finish in class.

Week of March 12, 2018


Pennies for Patients fundraiser benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society ends this Wednesday!. Empty out those piggy banks and help reach the school goal of $2000 raised!

Early Dismissal this Wednesday @1:30

This week in Reading… 

You started with an open-book assessment of Part II.  We will likely read through chapter chapter 17.  Throughout the week we will also research some of the obstacles the airmen faced during their time on the raft.

There will not likely be any homework this week.

This week in Language Arts… 

We are examining how setting and characters impact the theme of a story.  We will likely read through chapter 21 by the end of the week.

There will be no homework.

Week of March 5, 2018

My apologies for the late post.  I had a sick little guy at home at the start of the week and it threw me off my game!

This week in Reading…

We have continued to read, discuss, and respond to the life of Louie Zamperini in Unbroken. By Friday we should be finished with Part II.
You tested over Part II vocabulary, continued to add to your Louie tweets and character chart, and responded in writing and discussion to the events in the book.

There is no homework for the week.

This week in Language Arts…

You have continued to read Walk Two Moons.  There will be a test over chapters 1-15 on Friday. Wednesday and Thursday you worked on a study guide to serve as a review of the events in the novel.  You completed Activator #8 and two more “Double Entry Journals” which means you should have three total completed by Friday.

There is no homework this week.