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Week of August 13, 2018

OPEN HOUSE IS TONIGHT – I’m looking forward to meeting your parents!

This week in BLOCKS 1, 3, 4, & 5

We will finish up your “Summer Vacation Movie” assignment.  I will collect it on Tuesday.

Next we will being Unit 1 in the Springboard text.  We will learn all about Unit 1 “Stories of Change” and what our focus and goal for the first unit will be, which is narrative writing.

There will not likely be homework this week unless you need to finish the summer movie assignment on Tuesday night.


This week in BLOCK 2

We will continue to explore fixed versus growth mindsets and discuss the ways that they impact you in your life as a middle schooler. As we learn more about the two mindsets you will also practice annotating text and using your annotations to support your understandings and opinions of the mindsets.

There will not likely be any homework this week.  If that changes, the blog will be updated to refelct that.

Week of August 6, 2018

This week in Language Arts (Blocks 1, 3,4 ,5) …

You will complete a student survey and your parents will complete a parent survey.  You will receive your syllabus so the academic expectations for the year are clear.

Then you will turn your summer vacation into a movie! Well sort of…

The only homework this week will really be for your parents. Please ask them to complete the Family Survey on Monday night and sign your syllabus on Tuesday night. Everything else this week will be completed at school.

Lockers tomorrow…

Tomorrow is the big day.

We will assign lockers to the students and they will have a chance to practice opening them and start to settle in.

Different teachers have different opinions about this, so if another teacher has advised you differently, that’s fine. There is no “RULE” to follow.  I would NOT bring decorations yet.  You’ll have some time to practice opening the lockers tomorrow, but that comes more easily for some than others.  So I would wait to bring decorations until next week, maybe even not tll Tuesday or Wednesday.

If a teacher has asked you to have specific materials tomorrow, of course, bring them. Otherwise, you can wait to bring those til Monday.


For Language Arts, I’d love for you to have your composition book by Monday, but you won’t need anything sooner than that.


August 1-3, 2018

YOU MADE IT!! You survived your first day of middle school!  I’m sure dismissal today was a test of patience and hunger.  Hopefully the rain will give us a break tomorrow and everyone will get home earlier!

I loved meeting everyone today.

In class, you received a letter from, and your first assignment is to write me a letter in return. telling me all about yourself. Don’t forget the “one words”!

4th and 5th blocks really didn’t have any time to work on their letters in class, so their directions were to spend 15 minutes (no more than 20!) on their letter tonight, and you will have time to finish it at the start of class tomorrow.


Thursday and Friday of this week, we will review classroom procedures, expectations and such… there will be no homework for the rest of the week.



Happy New Year!

Welcome to Durham!

I can’t wait to meet you!

The 6th grade meet and greet will be on Tuesday, July 31st between 12:30 and 1:30. Meet and Greet will give you a chance to find your homeroom class, meet your homeroom teacher, and for the first time ever, you’ll receive your schedule!  So once you have met your homeroom teacher, you will get to look around to see where your other classes are located.

If you can’t be here for Meet and Greet, don’t fret! All of the teachers will  be out in the hallway on Wednesday morning and will be able to help you find your way!

For the first day of school, you DO NOT need to bring all of your supplies! A notebook and a pencil will be plenty to get you through your first day(s).  Your teachers will let you know when you will need all of your supplies.  If you are still in need of school supplies, our school store offers all items on the school supply list. They also have locker accessories in a variety of colors.

****My apologies, but it has come to our attention that the school supply list did not include a composition book for Language Arts.  These will be available in the school store, and as of yesterday, they were still available at Walmart for $0.50.  It is the only supply (in addition to the items on the school-wide supply list) that I will ask students to have.  It is my hope that we will set up the composition book for the year on Friday, so if it is possible to have it by then, that will be great. ****

I’m excited for an amazing year together!
Mrs. Dean

Sixth Grade Open House is scheduled for Monday, August 13th at 6:30 pm.  At that time, parents will have an opportunity to follow their child’s schedule and learn about curriculum, expectations, and have questions answered.

Summer Reading Resources

Biblionasium is like goodreads for kids.

It allows users to create virtual bookshelves where they can categorize books. They are able to add books outside of what’s available via the Durham Media Center collection. Students who read at least 20 minutes a day this summer will log 1,500 reading minutes before they return to school August 1st.

Wow! Lots of details and FREE resources are available via the media center website. Also,  Durham Media Center ebooks and audiobooks, and ebooks available through Tumble Book Cloud and eBooks on Ebscohost on the Cobb Digital Library are available for check out throughout the summer as well.

Lastly,  take advantage of all the Cobb County Public Library System has to offer. Happy reading!

The home stretch…

As we finish off a fantastic year, please be sure to check your grades.  If you are missing any work for me, I will accept it tomorrow or the beginning of class on Monday!


I’ve been incredibly proud of how you have carried yourself throughout the Olympics! Let’s finish strong! While there is no homework, we will still have classwork that will impact your grades!



Week of May 7, 2018


Monday night for homework, please watch this video and answer these two questions in preparation for our digital citizenship lesson with Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Crandall.


  1. Which topic in the video seems to be the biggest problem within a kids’ digital life today? Why do you think that? Give at least one example.
  2. Based on the topics in the video, which topic do you struggle with personally? What are some options that could help you?



Week of April 30, 2018 (better late than never?)

This week in Reading we wrapped up the Unbroken unit.  You worked so well in your groups, finished your magazines, and then evaluated one anothers and offered feedback.

There is no homework this weekend.

This week in Language Arts you have written a “Response to Literature” essay.  The goal was to have it finished by the end of class on Friday. Many of you were able to do that, but just as many will need to finish final drafts this weekend.

This weekend for homework…

Finish your final draft! It will be due at the beginning of class on Monday.