November 30th

Students finished their study of the Water Cycle today in class.  On Monday, we will be starting Ocean Topography.

Next week I have planned on an Ocean Floor Lab in which I need empty shoe boxes.  If anyone has empty shoe boxes laying around, I could use them.  Please send them in on Monday.

On Tuesday, I plan on collecting the Unit 3 Science folder.  Everyone should have their Unit 4 Science folder by Tuesday.

Homework: None


Have a great weekend!

November 28th

Students completed an activity today.  Students took a travel trip as a water molecule and will use this information to complete an assignment tomorrow.  Students will be taking a quiz on the Water Cycle tomorrow.

Homework: study for Water Cycle quiz


Have a great night!

November 26th

Students began Unit 4 Water on the Earth today.  We began with Water Distribution.  We will start the Water Cycle tomorrow.

Homework: none

Have a great night!

November 15th

Students had their second day to work on their Storms presentation.  Students should have it completed by the end of their class tomorrow.

Homework: work on Storms Presentation if needed

Test remediation is due tomorrow.


Have a great night!

November 14th

Students began working on their graphic organizers for their Storms presentation.  Students will be working in the computer lab for the rest of the week to complete this project.

Homework: continue with Storms graphic organizer


Have a great night!

November 13th

Science Blocks 1, 2, & 4

Students worked with Office 365 in class today.  Students will be completing a “Storms” presentation and submitting it into Office 365.  Students will have class time to work on the presentation.  Students will have a vocabulary quiz tomorrow over the 7 vocabulary words associated with this topic.

Homework: study for the vocabulary quiz


AC Science Blocks 3 & 5

Students took the vocabulary quiz over the topic vocabulary.  Students were given the instructions for the “Storms” presentation.  Students will be completing this presentation through Office 365 much like the previous assignment.

Homework: work on the storms graphic organizer, but do not complete all in one night!


Students will have class time over Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to complete their presentations.  The presentations will be submitted through Office 365.  Students will meet in Room 708 (across from the Art Room) and will not need their textbook.


Have a great night!

November 12th

Students finished up the Storms Flipbook from Friday if they needed to and then moved to a vocabulary review sheet for the vocab quiz tomorrow.  Finally, students completed an air masses graphic organizer.

Homework: study for vocabulary quiz


Have a great night!