Week of November 13th- 17th

Hi everyone, hope your weekend was relaxing and time well spent with family.

This upcoming week we’ll be working on inequalities, in which the solutions are many more than one solution. Students will become familiar with the symbols and phrases in order to solve and write inequalities. Homework on Monday is on p. 315; 4-10 all.

On Tuesday, two- step inequalities. Students already know the steps to solve equations and will use the same method to solve for inequalities. Homework on p.323; 10-14 all.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we’ll continue with inequalities, but more with 2-step inequalities and negative coefficients. .

On Friday, we’ll assess, quiz on the weekly topic.

Our Unit II test will on Wednesday, November the 22nd. 

Week of November the 6th- 10th

Hope you had a good weekend. This week we’ll concentrate on multi-step equations using decimal and fraction coefficients as well as real- life situations.

On Monday, We’ll get our test back and please sign it so that your student can make corrections. We’ll also use word problems to determine the equation and then solve for the missing variable. Homework on p. 275; 2-18 even.

Tuesday, there is no school due to election day.

On Wednesday and Thursday we’ll continue working with word problems and the homework will be on p. 290; all

On Friday we’ll quiz and begin Inequalities.

Week of October 30- November 3rd

Well, Halloween is approaching and we just took the unit 2 mid chapter test. Ask your student about the results. Also, please encourage your student to complete homework daily, as it is imperative to practice at home. Parents thanks for all you do.

On Monday we’ll begin to use what we know from unit 2 to start equation solving and unlike algebraic expressions, the students get to solve for the variable. Homework is on p.p.254 and 264.

On Tuesday, we’ll continue on equation solving, but include fractions and decimals. Homework is on p.287; 2-10 even.

On Wednesday, 2- step equations. Homework is on p.p.265;1-6 and 289; 16-22.

On Thursday, we’ll review all equations skills and the homework will be a worksheet review.

On Friday, we’ll take a quiz. No Homework.

Please visit www.mobymax.com with your student and practice.

Week of October 23rd – 27th

Hope all have received the report cards, or had a conference with your student’s teacher.

This week we’ll continue working with algebraic expressions. On Friday we’ll take a

MID-CHAPTER TEST. Be sure your student keeps up with homework practice and notes.

Also, please encourage your student to log in to mobymax to practice the topics learned. Instructions under tech page on this blog. Your student has already started using mobymax at school.

On Monday and Tuesday, we’ll be factoring monomials and linear expressions. Homework is on p.233; 1-10 and Tuesday p. 234; 11-17.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we’ll be working on adding and subtracting Linear expressions. Homework is on  p. 213; 1-10 and Thursday on p. 221; 1-8.

Friday, we’ll take our mid-chapter test. During the week, we’ll review through the warm up time.

Important upcoming events.

Each year, the state of Georgia has each school administer a survey to parents, students, and staff members that generates the School Climate rating that is tied to our school’s CCRPI score. Each school must have a 75% participation rate on the Georgia Student Health Survey 2.0 and the Georgia School Personnel Survey. Failure to meet the 75% participation rate on these two surveys will result in a 0.00 score; thereby, significantly reducing a school’s School Climate Star Rating. East Cobb is very proud of its 4-star rating and hopes to continue to improve upon this excellence in the future. To do so, we need your help in getting as many parents as possible to take the survey.


The Georgia Parent Survey

All parents are encouraged to participate in the Georgia Parent Survey because the data is used as part of the calculation of the School Climate Star Rating. Survey responses are anonymous and will be submitted directly to the Georgia Department of Education for analysis. The Georgia Parent Survey is also available in Spanish. Parents may select the Spanish version within the survey. Results from the Georgia Parent Survey will not be available to the public and will not be posted online. The Georgia Parent Survey link is posted below.

Georgia Parent Survey:



Parents may take the survey on a personal computer, smartphone, or tablet. For those without internet access, please contact Mike Chumley, our Parent Facilitator, to utilize a computer in the parent resource center, or you may visit your local library. The link to the survey may also be found at our website, www.cobbk12.org/eastcobb.


The Georgia Student Health Survey 2.0


Students at East Cobb Middle School will be taking the Georgia Student Health Survey 2.0 in their English/Language Arts classes as they visit the Media Center between now and the Thanksgiving holiday. Federal law requires that the student survey be made available for review by all interested parties; therefore, copies of the student survey may be reproduced and made available to parents or other parties upon request. Student survey results, copies of the student survey questions, and parent opt-out forms are available on the Georgia Department of Education webpage at http://www.gadoe.org/Curriculum-Instruction-and-Assessment/Curriculum-and-Instruction/GSHS-II/Pages/Georgia-Student-Health-Survey-II.aspx.  Please return any opt-out forms to April Gwyn, Assistant Principal, via the front office.


Thank you!


Week of October 16th- 20th. CONFERENCE WEEK

Well, I hope your weekend allowed you to rest and spend time with family.

This week is Conference week and the schedule calls for early dismissal.

On Monday, we’ll begin the distributive property and how to identify it and then to evaluate it.

The evaluating skill was taught last week and students’ homework is on P. 193; 1-6.

On Tuesday, We’ll continue working with the distributive property. Will work with area to show how the property works. Homework is on p.195; 25- 37.

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, We’ll use the lab to practice the property. Students have access to our new program, Mobymax. The program allows the student to practice according to their skill level. Homework is on Mobymax. (Note: If students don’t have internet access, go to textbook on p.194; 15-20 all) 

Access to the Mobymax site is under technology, or go to www.mobymax.com and type your school. the username and password is your lunch number.

Week of October 9th -13th

Hope you had a great weekend.

This week we’ll continue our work on translating phrases into algebraic expressions.

Please have a conversation with your student about practicing homework, being prepared for class and excessive talking during instruction. Unit test I was sent home to be signed if the grade was 70 or less. Your support in the latter is very much appreciated.

On Monday, We’ll begin writing phrases and then translating it to algebraic expressions. Translating requires some writing and much vocabulary to be successful. Then, we’ll evaluate the expression. The lesson is a two-day lesson. The homework for Monday is on p. 167. The students have already solve the problems last week. Now they have to write the phrase to the algebraic expression. Complete problems 1-9.

Tuesday, we’ll continue Monday’s work. The homework is on p.169; 20-25. Remember, the students have already solved the problems, now they have to write the phrase that correspond to the problems in words.

On Wednesday, we’ll take algebraic expressions and simplify them, also identify the different parts of an expression. Homework is on p.205; 1-10.

On Thursday, we’ll move on to adding and subtracting algebraic expressions. All the weekly skills require writing and organization on the student’s part. Please encourage your student to show you the work on their notebook.  Homework is on p.215; 18-24.

Next week is CONFERENCE week. Be sure to contact your student’s teachers if you’d like.

Week of September the 18th – 22th

I hope your weekend was restful and let’s finish the Iowa test this Monday and Tuesday.

On Monday the 18th,  we’ll review the review packet before the Unit test on Thursday the 20th. Please encourage your student to practice adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions and integers. Check to see if they can show you how to solve those problems. Homework on p. 156.

On tuesday, we’ll continue the review on the topics above. Homework on p.156 and 150.

On Wednesday, we’ll  go over the entire packet. Students are to go over it at home as a final practice. Homework on p. 152.

On Thursday, We’ll be at the lab working on our new math program, Mobymax. We’ll begin the unit test and possibly take one more day to finish. No Homework.

On Friday, We’ll complete the unit test and unpack unit II. Please encourage your student to sign in to mobymax and follow the assignments online.


Type in your school name, The username and the password is your lunch number.

















thursday the 20th.


Week of September 11th- 15th

Hi, hope everyone is well and Irma has passed. This week is a short one.

On Wednesday, We’ll be passing the quiz back and students can make corrections to improve their grade. We’ll spend one more day on adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers. homework will be a worksheet given in class.

On thursday, we’ll resume testing and it will go thru Tuesday of next week. Today, we’ll also start multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers. Homework is on page 131 in textbook.

On Friday, we’ll check work and continue multiplying and dividing fractions. Homework is on p. 147 in textbook. Next week we’ll have a unit 1 test. please study.