Week of April 23rd – 27th

Wow, progress reports were posted online.  The year is almost over.

This week will test on Friday on Probability. Please have your student prepared and yes there is homework daily.

On Monday and Tuesday, We’ll work on tree diagrams and probability of independent events, such as tossing a coin and rolling a dice. Homework was a worksheet.

On Wednesday, we’ll continue with the fundamental counting principle on p. 816. the homework is on page 818.

Thursday, we’ll review for the test on Friday. Review homework.

Friday, we’ll test the unit.

Week of April 9th -13th

Hope your Spring Break was relaxing and spent with family.  This week is a busy one. I am posting attachments to practice for the milestone test next week.

Students, please check your grades and continue working on turning in your work, when you don’t, you’ll see a 30. Please be diligent when it comes to your academics.

On Monday, we’ll continue with probability. Theoretical vs. Experimental. Homework is on p. 785. In class we’ll do 782 and 783.

On Tuesday, we’ll talk about Tree diagrams and probability, compound events. Homework is on p. 797. In class we’ll do p. 794 and 795.

The rest of the week,we’ ll be working on probability and completing the attached packet to best prepare for the milestone.

The following week is testing week and help your student to go to bed earlier and be present all week. Thanks for all you do.

Experimental Probability Vs-2kpe4frprobability of simple events extra practice-2glakq97

Week of March 26th-30th

This week we’ll have a unit test on Statistics. The test is on Tuesday 27th and the review is attached here.  7th_unit_5_study_guide-10m4qmc

On Monday we’ll review and students will take the packet home and study from it. Answers will be provided on Monday.

Tuesday, Unit test 5, no homework.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we’ll begin the unit 6, on Probability. The assignments will be provided in class and are also attached here;

Experimental Probability Vs-2kpe4fr

Experimental Vs Theoretical-2fqkge5

probability of simple events extra practice-2glakq9

Probability of Simple Events-21v0j03


Week of March 19th- 23rd

Wow, Spring break is near and so is the Milestone period of testing. It begins on April 16th.

This week we’learned about making predictions, or educated guesses about a given sample, or a population. Then we compared two sets of data in the form of box plots. Using the graphs we were able to see which data set was more predictable.

Homework this week is from the textbook;

P. 582 on Monday.

P.583 on Tuesday.

P. 584 on Wednesday.

Worksheet on Thursday.

No Homework on Friday.

Next week on Tuesday, we’ll be taking the unit test on Inferences. Study.

Week of March 12th-16th

Good morning parents and students,

We just took a unit test on Geometry and students will be getting those scores back this week. Please make sure your student has a calculator for math.

This week we’ll enter a unit on Inferences and that entails math skills such as how to calculate mean ,median and mode. Also reading from a given table, or graph, and being able to use information to make predictions.

On Monday, we’ll review central tendencies and homework is on p.547.

Tuesday, we’ll continue with using tables and charts to make predictions. Homework is on p.549

On Wednesday, we’ll talk about valid population samples. Also the different types of biased and unbiased samples. Homework is on p.555. EARLY RELEASE DAY.

On Thursday, we’ll continue with biased and unbiased sampling. Homework is on p.557

On Friday, we’ll  assess the week’s topics. When students do their homework and participate in class, students tend to increase their grade average. No Homework.

Week of March 5th- 9th

Good morning,

Semester ends on March 15th, keep up with your grades.

This week we’ll have a UNIT TEST on geometry. Encourage your student to do homework and be prepared for class.

On Monday and Tuesday we’ll work with VOLUME of a prism.

Homework for Monday and Tuesday is on p.p.703,705. Today Students will get the Review Packet for the unit test.

On Wednesday, We’ll talk about CROSS-SECTIONS. What shape is the result of slicing a 3-d figure? Homework is on p.659.

On Thursday, We’ll answer questions from the packet. Complete packet and study for tomorrow’s test.

Friday, Unit test. No homework.

Week of February 26th to March 2nd

Good morning students and parents, hope you had a restful and eventful winter break. This week we’ll move to finding the area of other shapes combined with circles.

On Monday, we’ll study composite figures and students need to be prepared and organized. We’ll find the area of two shapes. Homework is on p.695.

On Tuesday, we’ll continue with composite figures. Homework is on p. 697

On Wednesday, we’ll  move to surface area of prisms. Students will be drawing area nets and calculating the area of each. Homework is on p. 729

On Thursday, we;ll continue Surface area and the homework is on p.731

On Friday we’ll assess the weekly topics of composite figures and surface area of prisms.

Week of February 12th- 16th

Good morning parents and students,

This week, we’ll be talking about circles, finding the distance around them and the area of them. Progress reports have been posted and please encourage your student to continue working on homework and paying attention to detail as they are in class. We’ll be taking a MID-CHAPTER TEST THIS FRIDAY.

On Monday, we’ll go over the quiz from Friday and begin working on circles. The relationship between the distance around a circle and its diameter. We’ll spend two days on circumference, thus, homework is on p.677 for Monday and homework on p.679 for Tuesday.

On Wednesday, we’ll continue with finding the area of circles. Homework is on p. 687.

On Thursday, day two for area and small review. Homework is on p. 688.

Here are worksheets from the textbook that deals with weekly topics.problemsolvingareacircles-1j9k498problemsolvingcircumf-24yleiqcircumference-16g7bljareaskillscircle-10hppso

Friday, we’ll assess the week’s topics. Have a wonderful winter break.

Week of February 5th- 9th

Good evening parents and students. Last week we learned all about angles and angle relationships, such as, complementary and supplementary angles. Also worked on finding X and writing equations. Vocabulary was part of the formative assessment on Feb. 2nd quiz along with the latter.

this week we’ll begin with the study of triangles.  The angles and checking to see what size lengths constitutes, or forms a triangle.

Monday and Tuesday’s homework are on pp. 633,635.

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, we’ll work on circles. How to find the circumference, area and what relationship circumference and diameter have.

Wednesday’s homework is on p.677.

Thursday’s homework is on p. 687

Friday’s homework is on p.688

Please encourage your student to do homework and be prepared for class daily with pencils and notebooks.

Thanks for all that you do to support us. Sincerely,

Mr. Del castillo

7th grade math


Week of Jan 29th- Feb 2nd

Welcome back to Geometry. Progress reports are coming up.

This week, we’ll talk about angle classification, draw angles with a protractor, Complementary and supplementary angles and triangles.

On Monday we’ll learn about types of angles and draw angles to degrees. Homework is on p.613, 615.

Tuesday we’ll add complementary and supplementary angles and find the missing angles by using equations. Homework is on p.621,622.

Wednesday, we’ll tackle triangles and finding the missing angle. Homework on p. 633,635

Thursday we’ll review all concepts and complete review. Homework p.644

Friday, quiz and no homework.

Please encourage your student to complete homework and be prepared with materials such as pencils and paper prior to class.

Thanks for all you do.

Mr. Del Castillo.