Week of September 17th- 21st, 2018

Good morning students and parents,

This coming week is an important academic marker, in terms of keeping up with your homework, classwork, and being prepared for class.

E.C.M.S sent a letter home this past Friday in regards to student behavior. Please read it with your student and sign it.

This week , we’ll continue with the Iowa testing in the am. Be sure to go to bed early the night before.

On Monday, Math Unit test continues and students will get feedback   from it. Don’t wait til the last minute to study.

On Tuesday, We’ll go over the unit test and Unit one will be behind us. Students will be given a project “Integer Chain” Due Thursday the 20th.

On Wednesday, we’ll begin unit 2. Students will receive unit 2 packet. and we’ll work on algebraic expressions. Homework on p.167

On Thursday, we’ll continue with algebraic expressions. Homework on p.169

On Friday we’ll complete a formative assessment.

No School next week. enjoy it.!!

Science 6th period.

This week students will be taking a test on cell and its function

Project on Cell menu will take place this week. Project grade.

Do your best.

Week of September 10th-14th

Good morning parents and students,

Math and Science

This week is Unit I test week and students have a packet review with them. Please be sure to have a conversation about doing homework, being prepared and asking questions in class.

On Monday, we’ll be reviewing rational numbers in all four operations. The latter includes; Integers, fractions ,decimals and word problems. Test On Tuesday. Homework is on p.156.

On Tuesday, We’ll take a final practice prior to the test. Please talk with your student about taking time to work on math problems.

On Wednesday, We’ll continue testing.

Thursday and Friday we’ll do a project that involves making a math link to unit 1.

The next week we’ll be starting algebraic expressions and the use of variables. Please stay focused on your academic progress.

In Science, we’ll be creating a city using cell structures and how they compare to a city, in terms of functions.

Students need to spend time reading the textbook. Here are some of the assignments.

p.p. 82-85





Week of August the 27th-31st

Good morning parents and students,

This week we have early release on Wednesday. Also we took a mid- chapter test on Friday the 24th and please check up the grades. If your grades are not satisfactory, please work on doing your homework, be prepared and come to tutoring on Thursday at 8:15.

We are moving on to more operations with other rational numbers in hope to convert from decimals to fractions and vice-versa. Long division and multiplying decimals as well as fractions is all we;ll be doing this week. On Friday the 31st, we’ll take a quiz on the week’s topics. Practice, be prepared, put forth effort.

On Monday, terminating and repeating decimals. Homework is on p.83. No calculators please.

On Tuesday, we’ll do adding and subtracting fractions, including positive and negative fractions. Please be sure your student is showing the work. Homework is on p.105

On Wednesday, we’ll continue our work with fractions with unlike denominators. Homework is on p.111

On Thursday, we’ll multiply and divide fractions. Homework is on p.p.131 and 147 all even number problems.

On Friday, we’ll quiz and there is no homework.


Week of August the 20th- 24th/ Science

This week we’ll be discussing Unit 1, Cell Structure.

On Monday, we’ll be completing the scientific method. Students have taking a quiz and it’s posted.

On Tuesday, We’ll be working with “CER” Claim, Evidence and results. Also took a pre-test on unit I.

On Wednesday, we’ll do a lab activity on “CER” and students are to determine the 3 letters by looking at data and charts. Homework. Read up on p.p. 6-10

On thursday, we’ll learn how to use a microscope at the lab.

On Friday, We’ll review and take a quiz.

Please check grades and keep up with materials.

Week of Aug 20th-24th

Good morning students and parents. This week we’ll continue working with rational number operations, including word problems.

Encourage your student to complete homework. We’ve taken a quiz and a mid chapter test already and ask your student about it.

On Monday, Well work on p. 54 integer operations. Homework is on p. 55

On Tuesday, we’ll do dividing integers and word problems. Homework is on p.p. 62,63.

On Wednesday, we’ll continue dividing integers and evaluating algebraic expressions. Homework is on p.p. 64,65.

On Thursday, we’ ll be reviewing for quiz on Friday. All integer operations, algebraic expressions and vocabulary. Homework is on p.p. 71,72.

Friday, we’ll have a quiz and then move into other rational number operations, such as, -1/2+(-3/4).

Please, keep up with homework and grades.

Mr. Del Castillo

Week of August 13th -17th

We had a great first full week of school. Thank you students and parents for helping out.

This week, as you know, we’re working on Integer addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It is important to be prepared for class daily by bringing your TEXTBOOK, WARM UP NOTEBOOK, BINDER AND A POUCH OF PENCILS, INCLUDING COLOR PENCILS.

On Monday, we’ll be working with subtracting integers. In Class, completing ” Hot Air Balloon” activity. Homework is on p. 34,35


On Tuesday, we’ll be working with adding and subtracting decimals. In Class, completing “Debits and Credits” task. Homework is on p.37.

On Wednesday, we’ll be working with writing the rule of how to subtract integers by using ; First I,..then I, …..Lastly I,…I know the correct answer because….

Also will be creating a flee map to show the flow and explanations on how to subtract. Homework is on p.38.

On Thursday, We’ll multiply and divide integers. In Class, p. 45-47 and homework is on p.53.

Friday, Quiz and no homework.



Flinn Safety Contract 2018-2jusbo6 7th Grade Science Syllabus 18-19-19labj3

Week of August 6th – 10th, 2018

Good morning students and parents,

This week we’ll be starting the math curriculum and wanted you to be aware that assignments are given daily. Please be prepared for class by bringing your binder, warm up notebook, a pencil pouch and your textbook to class. These expectations are a necessity to be successful in math class.

The week will begin by looking at Rational numbers, including positive and negative numbers. The homework assignments will be posted on this blog weekly.

There is an online tab students can use to get additional help.

I’ll be updating this blog weekly. Thanks for entrusting your student with us and looking forward meeting you. Sincerely,

Mr. Del Castillo


Week of April 23rd – 27th

Wow, progress reports were posted online.  The year is almost over.

This week will test on Friday on Probability. Please have your student prepared and yes there is homework daily.

On Monday and Tuesday, We’ll work on tree diagrams and probability of independent events, such as tossing a coin and rolling a dice. Homework was a worksheet.

On Wednesday, we’ll continue with the fundamental counting principle on p. 816. the homework is on page 818.

Thursday, we’ll review for the test on Friday. Review homework.

Friday, we’ll test the unit.

Week of April 9th -13th

Hope your Spring Break was relaxing and spent with family.  This week is a busy one. I am posting attachments to practice for the milestone test next week.

Students, please check your grades and continue working on turning in your work, when you don’t, you’ll see a 30. Please be diligent when it comes to your academics.

On Monday, we’ll continue with probability. Theoretical vs. Experimental. Homework is on p. 785. In class we’ll do 782 and 783.

On Tuesday, we’ll talk about Tree diagrams and probability, compound events. Homework is on p. 797. In class we’ll do p. 794 and 795.

The rest of the week,we’ ll be working on probability and completing the attached packet to best prepare for the milestone.

The following week is testing week and help your student to go to bed earlier and be present all week. Thanks for all you do.

Experimental Probability Vs-2kpe4frprobability of simple events extra practice-2glakq97

Week of March 26th-30th

This week we’ll have a unit test on Statistics. The test is on Tuesday 27th and the review is attached here.  7th_unit_5_study_guide-10m4qmc

On Monday we’ll review and students will take the packet home and study from it. Answers will be provided on Monday.

Tuesday, Unit test 5, no homework.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we’ll begin the unit 6, on Probability. The assignments will be provided in class and are also attached here;

Experimental Probability Vs-2kpe4fr

Experimental Vs Theoretical-2fqkge5

probability of simple events extra practice-2glakq9

Probability of Simple Events-21v0j03