Week of February 12th- 16th

Good morning parents and students,

This week, we’ll be talking about circles, finding the distance around them and the area of them. Progress reports have been posted and please encourage your student to continue working on homework and paying attention to detail as they are in class. We’ll be taking a MID-CHAPTER TEST THIS FRIDAY.

On Monday, we’ll go over the quiz from Friday and begin working on circles. The relationship between the distance around a circle and its diameter. We’ll spend two days on circumference, thus, homework is on p.677 for Monday and homework on p.679 for Tuesday.

On Wednesday, we’ll continue with finding the area of circles. Homework is on p. 687.

On Thursday, day two for area and small review. Homework is on p. 688.

Here are worksheets from the textbook that deals with weekly topics.problemsolvingareacircles-1j9k498problemsolvingcircumf-24yleiqcircumference-16g7bljareaskillscircle-10hppso

Friday, we’ll assess the week’s topics. Have a wonderful winter break.

Week of February 5th- 9th

Good evening parents and students. Last week we learned all about angles and angle relationships, such as, complementary and supplementary angles. Also worked on finding X and writing equations. Vocabulary was part of the formative assessment on Feb. 2nd quiz along with the latter.

this week we’ll begin with the study of triangles.  The angles and checking to see what size lengths constitutes, or forms a triangle.

Monday and Tuesday’s homework are on pp. 633,635.

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, we’ll work on circles. How to find the circumference, area and what relationship circumference and diameter have.

Wednesday’s homework is on p.677.

Thursday’s homework is on p. 687

Friday’s homework is on p.688

Please encourage your student to do homework and be prepared for class daily with pencils and notebooks.

Thanks for all that you do to support us. Sincerely,

Mr. Del castillo

7th grade math


Week of Jan 29th- Feb 2nd

Welcome back to Geometry. Progress reports are coming up.

This week, we’ll talk about angle classification, draw angles with a protractor, Complementary and supplementary angles and triangles.

On Monday we’ll learn about types of angles and draw angles to degrees. Homework is on p.613, 615.

Tuesday we’ll add complementary and supplementary angles and find the missing angles by using equations. Homework is on p.621,622.

Wednesday, we’ll tackle triangles and finding the missing angle. Homework on p. 633,635

Thursday we’ll review all concepts and complete review. Homework p.644

Friday, quiz and no homework.

Please encourage your student to complete homework and be prepared with materials such as pencils and paper prior to class.

Thanks for all you do.

Mr. Del Castillo.

Week of Jan 16th- 19th

This week we’ll be reviewing for our unit test.

On Tuesday, we’ll go over the percent test that we took last Friday. Also students will be given a couple of worksheets to review proportionality and unit rate.

On Wednesday, We’ll take the packet and work on it. The packet has the same format as the test. The packet is attached and encourage students to practice the skills learned.Unit 3 Study Guide for Proportionality Test (003)-2kwzblx

On Thursday, we’ll go over the packet and answer all of the questions. Packet goes home to be studied and returned to me for classwork and homework credit.

On Friday, we’ll take the unit test.

Next week, we’ll begin the geometry unit starting with triangles and  angles. Get ahead and read on these topics.

Week of Jan 8th -!2th, 2018

Welcome back East Cobb. This week we’ll be finishing a couple of topics related to sales tax, tips and simple interest before reviewing for the unit III test next week.

On Monday and Tuesday, Students will be taking part in a writing assessment during 1st period. The rest of the week we’ll have a normal schedule. Homework for Monday and Tuesday are on pages. 497 and 503.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we’ll be working with discounts, mark ups and simple interest. Homework is on worksheets given in class. In addition, a review packet to be completed by next week. Unit test III on January the 17th.

Week of December the 4th – 8th.

Hey everyone, this week we’ll be working on Proportion relationships, how to solve the proportion and how to read a table or graph to determine whether the items are proportional, or not. 

Last week we worked on ratios and unit rates. Students will receive a project to be done before the Christmas Holiday. Please encourage your student to stay focus on details.

On Monday and Tuesday we’ll be working on Lesson 4 on p. 373 and the homework is as follows; Monday and Tuesday, p.p. 377 and 379.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we’ll graph  and solve proportional relationships. The homework is as follows; Wednesday, p389 and Thursday on p. 399.

On Friday, we’ll assess this topics. Please talk with your student about completing the work and being prepared for class. Thanks for all that you already do.

Mr. Del Castillo

Math 7th

Week of November 13th- 17th

Hi everyone, hope your weekend was relaxing and time well spent with family.

This upcoming week we’ll be working on inequalities, in which the solutions are many more than one solution. Students will become familiar with the symbols and phrases in order to solve and write inequalities. Homework on Monday is on p. 315; 4-10 all.

On Tuesday, two- step inequalities. Students already know the steps to solve equations and will use the same method to solve for inequalities. Homework on p.323; 10-14 all.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we’ll continue with inequalities, but more with 2-step inequalities and negative coefficients. .

On Friday, we’ll assess, quiz on the weekly topic.

Our Unit II test will on Wednesday, November the 22nd. 

Week of November the 6th- 10th

Hope you had a good weekend. This week we’ll concentrate on multi-step equations using decimal and fraction coefficients as well as real- life situations.

On Monday, We’ll get our test back and please sign it so that your student can make corrections. We’ll also use word problems to determine the equation and then solve for the missing variable. Homework on p. 275; 2-18 even.

Tuesday, there is no school due to election day.

On Wednesday and Thursday we’ll continue working with word problems and the homework will be on p. 290; all

On Friday we’ll quiz and begin Inequalities.

Week of October 30- November 3rd

Well, Halloween is approaching and we just took the unit 2 mid chapter test. Ask your student about the results. Also, please encourage your student to complete homework daily, as it is imperative to practice at home. Parents thanks for all you do.

On Monday we’ll begin to use what we know from unit 2 to start equation solving and unlike algebraic expressions, the students get to solve for the variable. Homework is on p.p.254 and 264.

On Tuesday, we’ll continue on equation solving, but include fractions and decimals. Homework is on p.287; 2-10 even.

On Wednesday, 2- step equations. Homework is on p.p.265;1-6 and 289; 16-22.

On Thursday, we’ll review all equations skills and the homework will be a worksheet review.

On Friday, we’ll take a quiz. No Homework.

Please visit www.mobymax.com with your student and practice.

Week of October 23rd – 27th

Hope all have received the report cards, or had a conference with your student’s teacher.

This week we’ll continue working with algebraic expressions. On Friday we’ll take a

MID-CHAPTER TEST. Be sure your student keeps up with homework practice and notes.

Also, please encourage your student to log in to mobymax to practice the topics learned. Instructions under tech page on this blog. Your student has already started using mobymax at school.

On Monday and Tuesday, we’ll be factoring monomials and linear expressions. Homework is on p.233; 1-10 and Tuesday p. 234; 11-17.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we’ll be working on adding and subtracting Linear expressions. Homework is on  p. 213; 1-10 and Thursday on p. 221; 1-8.

Friday, we’ll take our mid-chapter test. During the week, we’ll review through the warm up time.