Week of December 10th -14th

Good morning parents and students,

This week we’ll continue working on the ratio and proprortionality unit. Please check to see that your assignments are complete and ask questions in class, as well as, being prepared.

On Monday and Tuesday we’ll be working on word problems related to unit rate and finding the missing value. Homework will be coming home via worksheets.

We’ll have an assessment on Friday. Tutoring is on Thursday mornings at 8:15am.

Students, access IXL.com to practice the math skills we are learning. Whenever a student earns a certificate for a 7th grade skill, It counts as an extra credit grade. good luck.

Week of Dec 3rd to the 7th.

Good morning Parents and students,

This week we’ll be going to the lab to take the SMI, or math inventory test.  Monday and Tuesday.

If plans change, we’ll be moving forward to proportionality. Finding the missing value, whether two ratios are proportional, etc.

homework is on p. 389; 1-8 all

homework 2. p. 399; 1-8 all

homework 3. p.400; 9-22 all

Please speak with your student as to be prepared for class.unit 3 test will be a week from Friday.

Please use IXL.com to practice math skills used in the classroom. Students have access to this program and know how to use it.

Thanks for all you do.

Week of November 26th -30th, 2018

Welcome back from Spending time with family. This week we’ll be starting a new unit, Unit Rate and proportions. We’ll begin by showing how complex fractions are related to unit rate. On Monday and Tuesday we’ll be working on Complex fractions. Homework is ; worksheet on complex fractions (2 worksheets)

Wednesday and Thursday we’ll be working with proportionality, or whether two rates are proportional or not. students will be able to determine by comparing rates. Homework; 2 worksheets.

Friday, we’ll have a formative assessment.

Please remind your student to be prepared, and to put effort. Thanks for all you do.





Week of November 11th-15th

Good morning students and parents. This week marks the beginning of the 2nd 41/2 weeks. We’re closing unit 2, equations and inequalities. We also took the unit 2 test last Friday and plan to finish it by Tuesday, or Wednesday at the most. Also this week, students will be working on a class project, “Inequalities matching” and it will be a test grade. It’s imperative that students put effort and pride on this project.

On Monday, Tuesday and part of Wednesday, we’ll spend 20 minutes working on the unit test. Then we’ll introduce the project which will take 3 days to complete. Students are working in pairs  and are asked to solve inequalities, graph their solutions and paste the problems on a poster board. Homework from the textbook on p. 317 18-24 even.

Thursday we’ll be working on IXL.com and your student’s username is their lunch number@ecms. Their password is their lunch number. Please have your student supplement their practice at this site. When a student receives a certificate, students get an extra credit grade labeled “IXL” Homework; earn a certificate from ixl.com

On Friday, we’ll work on Introducing unit 3.

Have an awesome Thanskgiving Holiday.

Week of October 22nd-26th

Just ended conference week and grateful for our students and their parents for our  school’s support.

In Math, we will go over the quiz we took last Friday. Please review the results with your student. We’ll also begin “Translating Phrases to Algebraic expressions” This will take two days. Homework will be a worksheet and also go to ixl.com type your username; lunch number@ecms  Password: lunch number. practice at home 15 minutes a day.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we’ll concentrate on one- step equations using fractions, decimals and integers. Unit packet was given a week ago and is a study guide for students to practice. Homework will be assigned daily and students must write it down.

In Science, we’ll go over quiz and continue with our study of Mitosis.

Monday and Tuesday we’ll discuss more on Cellular Respiration. Worksheets and reading assignment is the homework.

Wednesday and Thursday, Mitosis in depth.

Parents, please encourage your student to be prepared for class, on time and put effort on their work. Thanks for all you do.

Mr. Del Castillo

Week of October 8th-12th

Good morning parents and students. This week we’re continuing with unit 2, Expressions and Equations.

Last week we worked on the 6 properties that helps us understand how to solve a problem using variables, in Algebraic expressions and numbers in numerical expressions. One property, The distributive property helps us with estimating products and algebraic expressions.

This week we’ll concentrate on factoring an algebraic expression using models. We’ll simplify expressions by using like-terms.

Conference week is next week. Please be sure you have signed the form sent home last week.

During conference week, students will receive a copy of their 9 weeks grades.

Tutoring is available on Thursdays at 8:15.

Check with your student and converse about grades and homework.

Thanks for all you do.

Mr. Del Castillo

Week of September 17th- 21st, 2018

Good morning students and parents,

This coming week is an important academic marker, in terms of keeping up with your homework, classwork, and being prepared for class.

E.C.M.S sent a letter home this past Friday in regards to student behavior. Please read it with your student and sign it.

This week , we’ll continue with the Iowa testing in the am. Be sure to go to bed early the night before.

On Monday, Math Unit test continues and students will get feedback   from it. Don’t wait til the last minute to study.

On Tuesday, We’ll go over the unit test and Unit one will be behind us. Students will be given a project “Integer Chain” Due Thursday the 20th.

On Wednesday, we’ll begin unit 2. Students will receive unit 2 packet. and we’ll work on algebraic expressions. Homework on p.167

On Thursday, we’ll continue with algebraic expressions. Homework on p.169

On Friday we’ll complete a formative assessment.

No School next week. enjoy it.!!

Science 6th period.

This week students will be taking a test on cell and its function

Project on Cell menu will take place this week. Project grade.

Do your best.

Week of September 10th-14th

Good morning parents and students,

Math and Science

This week is Unit I test week and students have a packet review with them. Please be sure to have a conversation about doing homework, being prepared and asking questions in class.

On Monday, we’ll be reviewing rational numbers in all four operations. The latter includes; Integers, fractions ,decimals and word problems. Test On Tuesday. Homework is on p.156.

On Tuesday, We’ll take a final practice prior to the test. Please talk with your student about taking time to work on math problems.

On Wednesday, We’ll continue testing.

Thursday and Friday we’ll do a project that involves making a math link to unit 1.

The next week we’ll be starting algebraic expressions and the use of variables. Please stay focused on your academic progress.

In Science, we’ll be creating a city using cell structures and how they compare to a city, in terms of functions.

Students need to spend time reading the textbook. Here are some of the assignments.

p.p. 82-85