SS8H4 – Westward Expansion

SS8H4 Explain significant factors that affected westward expansion in Georgia between 1789 and 1840.
(a) Explain reasons for the establishment of the University of Georgia, and for the westward movement of Georgia’s capitals.
(b) Evaluate the impact of land policies pursued by Georgia; include the headright system, land lotteries, and the Yazoo Land Fraud.
(c) Explain how technological developments, including the cotton gin and railroads, had an impact on Georgia’s growth.
(d) Describe the role of William McIntosh in the removal of the Creek from Georgia.
(e) Analyze how key people (John Ross, John Marshall, and Andrew Jackson) and events (Dahlonega Gold Rush and Worcester v. Georgia) led to the removal of the Cherokees from Georgia known as the Trail of Tears.


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