tarea de septiembre

Buenas dìas padres y estudiantes,

September 15 marks the beginning of Hispanic heritage month until October 15. During this time our focus in on Hispanic cultural customs, products and important people who have accomplished great things! My 6th grade classes and 8th grade semester class are working on a cultural project about a Spanish-speaking country. We talked about countries, capitals and nationalities. here i am uploading a PPT as a review. Even though we work in the lab resourcing and making PPT, i always recommend students to search at home and in the community for any cultural information that can be useful for the project. The project is due before the fall break. 8th graders will present before the break, whereas 6th graders will present after the break.   mundo_hispano_powerpoint (2)-197cw37


La hora- Time

Buenas noches padres y estudiantes,

my yearlong students are learning time and i know how complicated can be to read time in Spanish! Below, i have attached a PPT about time for you all to review during this week as we continue to practice communicative and writing activities on this topic.   lahora (2)-x7ijwy

my semester classes are learning about different cultural events in Spanish speaking countries (focus on Mexico and Puerto Rico at the moment). Your  homework is to find 5 elements (music, food, clothing, geography, people) typical of these two countries and share  them with the class. Be creative!

www.digitaldialects.com and kahoot.spanish are good websites to practice Spanish games online.

tarea de agosto

Buenos dias padres y estudiantes,

bienvenidos en la clase de Señorita Hinds. This class offers semester Spanish as an introduction to Spanish culture and topics such as greetings, customs, weather and calendar, family, geography of countries, school and leisure activities, ect. Also, it offers an Yearlong course based on the topics mentioned above but with a strong focus on grammar and writing.

In my six grade connection classes we talked about the Spanish alphabet, colors and shapes, greetings and the island of Puerto Rico. We will cover different countries and their culture to prepare the students for their final project, a PPT about a Spanish speaking country of their choice. A rubric will be given in advance as we learn more about the countries.

In my 7th grade connection class we are talking about the geography of Mexico. This class will have the same project as the 6th grade students but in addition will have a family project as well. Again, rubrics will be given to students.

In my yearlong classes we are learning how to tell time in Spanish and the different customs of greetings. We use the textbook DESCUBRE during this year as resource but we will also read a novel, starting in January.

Finally, my 8th grade semester class will be focused on five country of the Spanish-speaking world and create different projects through podcasting, infogram and PPTs to discuss the cultural products and perspectives.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me via mail at [email protected]


Pruebas y proyectos de mayo

Buenos dias padres y estudiantes,

this last month of school is full of tests and events for the students at CMS!

Here are some important dates that you don’t want to miss:

the semester classes cultural project and presentation is due between May 8th and 14th. I am attaching the rubric for the students to review during the week. However, the students are working on their projects during my Spanish class this week.

the final test for Pobre Ana for the 7th grade yearlong class is May 2nd and the SLO test is May 9th. On my blog students can find the study guide to practice (we only covered the first 3 Unit of the textbook).

the yearlong final test for 8th grade classes will be the 7th of May for my B day and the 10th of May for my A day. However, if the B day needs more time to study we can postpone it to the 14th of May (after the Disney trip). Again the study guide is on my blog to be reviewed.

cultural project-1ty1ez1

Study guide for Spanish I-rnfhoh


Buenas suerte and maybe we can have a Spanish fiesta after the testing! 🙂

Señorita Hinds

tarea de abril

Buenos dias padres y estudiantes,

I hope you are all enjoying the spring break holiday!

As we approach Georgia Milestone testing we are also  preparing for the Spanish tests coming up in May!

In this month, the yearlong classes will complete the reading of POBRE ANA novel and review the topics form the study guide i attached to this post. We will focus on each unit every week until the testing day.

The semester classes are still presenting their family project next week. Afterwards, the classes will learn about the culture and geography of Spanish-speaking countries. In may, the students will make and present a PPT about their favorite Spanish country.

Study guide for Spanish I-rnfhoh

presentaciones, proyectos y pruebas


esta semana los estudiantes de las clases de semestre empezaràn el Proyecto “El arbol de mi familia”. Recibiràn las informaciones para completar el Proyecto y presentarlo en la clase la última semama de marzo. Los estudiantes de español I completarán la Unidad de la familia y tomarán una prueba la última semana de marzo. Por fin, los estudiantes de español II presentarán la Powerpoint y empezaràn la Unidad 6.

This week the semester classes will receive a rubric to start the project My family tree. They will present it the last week of March. The Spanish I students will complete the Unit 3 and take a test the last week of March. Finally, the Spanish II students will present their PPT and start Unit 6 The market.

Here I am also uploading a powerpoint about family.

La familia (2)-209w3ai

Hasta el lunes!

Señorita Hinds

tarea de marzo

Buenas tardes padres y estudiantes,

the semester classes are learning about physical descriptions and characteristics; also family vocabulary and adjectives. The students will be creating a family tree poster about their real or imaginary family. I will hand out the rubric during the next week.

The yearlong II class will present their Powerpoints about vacation and travel, Unit 5. They will laso take a quiz about few grammar topics of Unit 5 such as the present progressive and the object pronouns.

The yearlong I classes are continuing the reading of the novel “POBRE ANA” and learning how to conjugate the ER-IR verbs in the present tense. Furthermore, the students will learn about possessive adjectives in relations to the family topic of Unit 3. Please, check the POBRE ANA post with the link to the novel.

Feliz fin de semana y hasta el lunes!

Señorita Hinds


Tareas de Febrero

Buenos días padres y estudiantes,

in February the semester classes will learn about clothing, weather, seasons, birthdays and holidays. The students will be able to say what they are wearing, their birthdays, favorite seasons and holidays in Spanish. They will take test 2 before the winter break.

My yearlong I classes are learning about family relationships, descriptions and the verb TENER (to have) to describe age, needs or possession in Spanish. They will take a test on Unit 3 before the winter break.

My yearlong II class is learning about activities that people do on vacation, the present progressive and direct object pronouns in Spanish. They will take a test on Unit 5 before the winter break.

Hasta el lunes,

Maestra Hinds

tarea y prueba de enero

Buenos dias padres y estudiantes,

for the last week of January the semester classes will learn about numbers and cognates. The students will also take their first test for Spanish class which includes the following topics: greetings, commands, alphabet, colors, shapes, numbers 0-20, and cognates.

My yearlong classes will start chapter II of “Pobre Ana” with a focus on reading and listening comprehension. The students in my Yearlong I classes are learning about family and relationships from chapter III of the textbook Descubre. The students in my Yearlong II class will learn about travel and vacation from chapter V of the textbook Descubre.

Adios y hasta el lunes!