December 3

Unit 2 Test this Friday!

The Unit 2 test will be this Friday. During the week, we will be wrapping up Scientific Notation and then reviewing past topics to make sure that you are ready. Below are the topics on the test:

Scientific Notation / operations with scientific notation

Exponent Laws

Estimating non perfect square roots

Perfect squares and cubes

Rational and Irrational numbers


November 9

Unit 2 Links to helpful videos

Multiplying and Dividing exponents

Raising a power to a power

Practice with all exponent rules

October 9

Unit 1 Resources to study

Tuesday, October 10th we will be taking part 1 of Unit 1. Part 1 is all about Parallel Lines and Transversals Vocabulary angle vocabulary, finding the value of missing angles and the triangle sum theorem. The attached PowerPoint will help you study the angle vocabulary and determine whether angles are congruent or supplementary. There are also some links within the presentation that will bring you to Khan Academy to practice some skills.

Parallel Lines and Transversals Vocabulary-2iz8z7s

September 29

Unit 1 is coming to a close!

Welcome back! We are finishing up Unit 1 this week. Below some links that we will be visiting this week.

What are rotations?

How do you complete a rotation?

Exploring Transformations game (Rotations, Reflections and Translations)



September 11

This week in Math

Due to the weather, this week is a short one. Instead of introducing something new, we are going to review last week’s concepts to make sure that we are ready to move on next week.

Wednesday: we are going to be completing an online lab to review Lines, Transversals and Angles. You can access the lab by clicking this link:

Thursday: we will be exploring angle vocabulary and the angles of triangles today. You can access both activities with the links below:

Angle vocabulary

Exploring Triangle angles:

Friday: We will be exploring triangles a little deeper and finding the value of missing angles. The link to this activity is below:

Exploring and Solving triangles:



August 27

This week in Math

We will shift our focus from multi-step equations to the coordinate plane. We will review the parts of the coordinate plane, plotting points and do some activities to make sure that we are prepared to utilize the coordinate plane in the next upcoming weeks. On Wednesday, we will begin Unit 1 with our introduction to translations. The remainder of the week, we will continue our discussion of translations that will prepare us for next week after our 3 day weekend.