Last LGPE Update

Dear Parents,

Tomorrow we will begin two days of LGPE performances with our 7th and 8th grade bands. If you have not signed a permission form, we must have one to allow your student to go on the trip. You can download one here:

8th Grade Permission

7th Grade Permission

Our final schedule for both days can be downloaded here:

2019 LGPE Schedule Final

Please make sure your student has all necessary uniform parts, or they will not be allowed to join us on the trip. Boys should have a vest, black dress shirt, tux jacket, tux pants, black dress shoes, and black dress socks. 7th grade boys should show up in uniform on Tuesday morning. If there are issues with the uniforms, we will have a few volunteers to deal with any last minute problems. Ladies should have their black concert dress and black shoes. We recommend that ladies wear flats since we will be walking a lot each day.

If you have any questions please let us know.

This Week in Band

Uniforms for 7th and 8th Grade

All uniforms will start going home this week. Please make sure you ask your student if they have received the uniform. 7th Grade ladies will need to get a temporary hem put in their dresses. We recommend that you do not cut any material off since we will be using these same dresses next year.

Chicago Trip for 8th Grade

We have another payment due this Friday March 8th. Please make sure you are caught up on all your payments. We are at the point where you would start to lose money if we have to remove any students from the trip, so please remind your student to make sure their behavior is appropriate in all of their classes.

We have also been given the final cost for the trip. The last payment will be $170. You are more than welcome to pay this at any time, but this payment will be due on April 12th.


We are still looking for a few chaperones for our 8th grade LGPE on March 20th. If you are available please email Mr. Grimes.

Permission slips for both 7th and 8th Grade LGPE will go home on Friday along with a few reminders.


This week in Band

Welcome back from break. We have a lot going on in the next month, so we wanted to give you more information now.


All 7th and 8th Graders will be attending LGPE on March 19th (7th Grade) and 20th (8th Grade) at McEachern High School. You should have already filled out a Lunch Order Form, but in case you haven’t you can download it below:

8th LGPE Letter

7th LGPE Letter

Students will be bringing home a permission slip and reminder letter later this week.


All 7th and 8th Graders should have brought home uniform information and costs. If you did not receive this, you can download it below:




8th Grade Chicago Trip

Below is a link to a google form that all students must fill out. Please double check with your student that they filled it out today in class. If they did not, please have them fill it out as soon as possible:

Chicago Google Form


Uniform information and LGPE

Yesterday Seventh and Eighth Grade students went home with a lot of information. We want to make sure that you received all the details that were covered in class. If you have any questions about the following information please don’t hesitate to email.

7th and 8th grade LGPE

Information was sent home about our Large Group Performance Evaluation(LGPE) times. LGPE is our yearly assessment performed by the state music organization. This year LGPE will be at McEachern High School. Below you will find the date and time information for each grade and each band. We will need lots of chaperones! We will also be feeding the students a Chick-Fil-A sandwich box lunch on the trip. Any student that does not want a sandwich can bring their own lunch with us. You can find the cost for Chick-Fil-A along with all the date and time information in the packets below:

8th LGPE Letter

7th LGPE Letter

7th Grade Girl Uniforms

All ladies were sized for a dress at the beginning of the year. The dresses will be here in a few weeks. Once they arrive you will need to get them hemmed. We suggest you do not cut off fabric, since we will be using these dresses next year. Ladies will also need a pair of closed toe flats to wear with the dress. In case the paperwork did not make it home, you can download it here:


Please return all paperwork by Friday February 8th.

7th Grade Boy Uniforms

All 7th grade boys will be wearing Tuxes for our performances. We will be providing pants, jackets, vest, and bow ties. The boys were sent home with a letter today about the rental cost for the tux along with the cost for the black dress shirt they need to purchase from us. Incase that paperwork never made it home, here it is:


Please return all paperwork by Friday February 8th. Boys will also need to have a pair of black dress shoes and long black dress socks to wear with their tux.

8th Grade Boy Uniform

8th grade boys should already own a vest, bowtie, and shirt. Yesterday we sent home paperwork about the rental fee for the tux and the cost for replacing missing parts.Incase that paperwork never made it home, here it is:


Please return all paperwork by Friday February 8th. Please don’t forget that all boys need to have long black dress socks and black dress shoes to wear with their uniforms.

Theater Assignment

Today you have two assignments.

  1. Log into your Smartmusic account. If you do not have one please click on the correct link below.

6th Grade:

7th Grade:

8th Grade Symphonic Band:

8th Grade Concert Band


2. Once you have shown Mr. Grimes you have signed up for your class you will click on the following link

Note Name Test

Change the clef to the correct clef for your instrument. You must answer a minimum of 250 notes. Once you have the score you would like please bring your computer to Mr. Grimes so he can record your test grade.

6th Grade Concert Order

For our 6th Graders that wish to practice over the break here is the concert order:

Exercise #.

52 – Everyone

17 – Everyone

18 – Everyone

24 – Everyone

31 – Everyone

69 – Flutes only

62 – Clarinets only

69 – Saxophones only

78 – All Woodwinds

23 – Trumpets Only

34 – Trombones Only

28 – Euphonium Only

33 – Tuba Only

54 – All Brass

38 – Everyone

39 – Everyone

55 – Everyone

56 – Everyone

57 – Everyone

58 – Everyone

Concert Week is next week

Dear Parents,

Concert week is next week. On Friday we sent home an information sheet, but just in case it was lost.

6th Grade

November 27th

Uniform – Band T-Shirt and Jeans

6:15 – Students report to Band Room

6:30 – Concert

7:00 – Dissmissal

Any 6th Grader wishing to practice over the break can find the concert order here.

7th Grade

November 29th

Uniform – Band t-shirt and jeans or tacky holiday sweater.

6:15 – Students report to Band Room

6:30 – Concert

7:00 – Dissmissal

8th Grade

November 29th

Uniform – Band t-shirt and jeans, Walton 8th Grade Night t-shirt, or tacky sweater.

7:15 – Students report to Band Room

7:30 – Concert

8:00 – Reception in the Cafeteria- The Walton Band Parents would like to host a reception for all our students. You can view the evite here, and you can sign up to bring food here. We will need lots of food (you have all seen your 8th graders eat). If you have any questions please email Mr. Grimes.

This week in Band (Week of November 12th)

6th Grade Band

Our 6th grade concert is fast approaching on November 27th. We will be wearing band T-Shirts and Jeans for that concert. Our band T-shirts were sent home two weeks ago. The concert will be at 6:30pm and will only last about 30 minutes. Students should arrive 15 minutes early and wait in the band room.  All students are expected to attend all concerts. If there is any issue please let Mr. Grimes or Mr. Brown know as soon as possible.

7th and 8th Grade Band

Our first concert will be the night of November 29th at 6:30 for 7th grade and 7:30 for 8th grade. We will continue our tradition of letting the students wear tacky holiday sweaters for this concert. If your student does not want to wear a sweater then a band T-shirt will be fine. Students should arrive 15-30 minutes prior to the concert in order to get their instrument and be seated in time for the warm up. As always, all concerts are required. If there are any issues please contact Mr. Grimes or Mr. Brown as soon as possible.