This week in Band (Week of November 12th)

6th Grade Band

Our 6th grade concert is fast approaching on November 27th. We will be wearing band T-Shirts and Jeans for that concert. Our band T-shirts were sent home two weeks ago. The concert will be at 6:30pm and will only last about 30 minutes. Students should arrive 15 minutes early and wait in the band room.  All students are expected to attend all concerts. If there is any issue please let Mr. Grimes or Mr. Brown know as soon as possible.

7th and 8th Grade Band

Our first concert will be the night of November 29th at 6:30 for 7th grade and 7:30 for 8th grade. We will continue our tradition of letting the students wear tacky holiday sweaters for this concert. If your student does not want to wear a sweater then a band T-shirt will be fine. Students should arrive 15-30 minutes prior to the concert in order to get their instrument and be seated in time for the warm up. As always, all concerts are required. If there are any issues please contact Mr. Grimes or Mr. Brown as soon as possible.

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