We hope that everyone is having a great summer. If you are getting bored and want to start to work on something here are some ideas:

Take some private lessons to start off the new year. If you are interested please email Mr. Grimes or Mr. Brown.

Download the music to your favorite song and learn it. Or, just figure it out on your instrument. Nothing can help you more then listening to music and recreating it on your instrument.

If you are interested in trying out for All State and Honor Band this year you can start memorizing your major scales and chromatic scale. You can download the scales below:

Flute Major Scales

Flute Chromatic Scale

Oboe Major Scales

Oboe Chromatic Scale

Bassoon Major Scales

Bassoon Chromatic Scale

Clarinet Major Scale

Clarinet Chromatic Scale

Bass Clarinet Major Scale

Bass Clarinet Chromatic Scale

Alto Sax Major Scales

Alto Sax Chromatic Scale

Tenor Sax Major Scales

Tenor Sax Chromatic Scale

Bari Sax Major Scales

Bari Sax Chromatic Scale

Trumpet Major Scales

Horn Major Scales

Horn Chromatic Scale

Trombone Major Scales

Trombone Chromatic Scale

Euphonium Major Scales

Euphonium Chromatic Scale

Tuba Major Scales

Tuba Chromatic Scale

Mallet Percussion Scales

Snare Rudiments

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