Monday, January 22nd, 2018


  1. The quiz has been moved to Wednesday, January 24th. Study the notes here.
  2. If you missed the first vocabulary practice on Tuesday, January 16th, take it today after the 2nd practice quiz.
  3. Both drum beats are due by Friday, January 26th. After this date, late penalties apply. No more class time will be available for this assignment. The STEAM Lab is open Tuesday & Thursday morning at 8AM for your use and extra help.


Today, we start writing bass lines. For warmup

  1. Start a new empty project
  2. Save as “Bass”
  3. Open the loop browser. Click here if you need help with the loop browser.
  4. Listen to “Bass” loops
  5. Identify some of your favorites. Drag them into your project.


Work Session

  1. Vocabulary practice 2.
    1. 3 minutes to study, 2 minute for questions, 5 minutes for practice quiz
  2. Discuss vocab and go over answers
  3. Discuss and listen to bass lines
  4. Start auditioning bass instruments

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

Vocabulary Quiz Friday, January 19th, 2018 – Notes HERE


Watch the following video. When you finish, review the vocab here. We will take a short practice mini-quiz shortly.

Work Session

  1. Complete a vocab mini-quiz. Mr. Willingham will have a URL for you to enter.

    Uniform Resource Locator
    Uniform Resource Locator
  2. Finish your drum assignment today. Make sure both of your files are named correctly and turned in correctly.
  3. Time permitting, we will start working on the bass line for our project.
    1. Start with a new empty project.
    2. Explore bass loops. You will end up writing your own bass line, but these prerecorded basses should give you some inspiration. Select a few of your favorite bass loops and add them to your project.
    3. Now explore some bass instruments on a software instrument track. Find a few that work well for you and add them to your project.

Thursday, January 11, 2018


Watch this video reviewing the procedure for turning in your work. Make sure you have turned in your Loop Scavenger Hunt assignment correctly.

Work Session

  1. Read through the step-by-step instructions for the Drum Beat assignment. If you have not watched the instructional video, start that as well.
  2. As a class we will practice making a class drum beat and discuss what makes a good beat. This includes listening to some music with good drum patterns.
  3. You will have some time to work individually on your pattern.

Wednesday, January 10th, 2018


If you did not complete the GarageBand Loop Scavenger Hunt, do so now. When you are finished, you will have made a total of 6 short compositions. Choose one and set it up in GarageBand just the way you like. Mr. Willingham will show you how to turn in you work shortly. While you wait, preview the next lesson: making a drum beat.

Listen to examples of some drum beats here.

Listen to some of the different sounds made by the drum set.


Work Session

  1. Turn in Loop Scavenger Hunt assignment
  2. Walk through a process for making a 4 part drum beat
  3. Start working on the Drum Beat project


Thursday, January 4th, 2018


Welcome to the STEAM Lab at Dickerson Middle School. In class today we will discuss the concept of the class, how you are graded, and start working with the equipment. Below is a quick synopsis of the most critical information.


The class is broken into two units of roughly 4 1/2 weeks each. Depending on your grade level, you will study a combination of music production, audio recording, and computer programming in these two units.


There are three categories of grades: Classwork weighted 50%, Quizzes & Small Projects weighted 25%, and Tests & Large Projects weighted 25%.

You will have classwork grades several times a week. These may be graded for completion or accuracy.

You will have 4 quizzes and two small projects during the quarter.

You will have 2 major projects or tests during the quarter.

Makeup work is accepted for excused absences without penalty. Late work for any unexcused reason, is accepted with a daily 10 percentage-point penalty. Every Tuesday & Thursday morning the STEAM Lab is open for extra help and makeup work.


You are responsible for completing your work on time. If you miss work, you are responsible for making it up and turning it in. You must take the initiative when it comes to missing work. Every Tuesday & Thursday morning the STEAM Lab is open for extra help and makeup work.

You are responsible for keeping up with due dates and quiz dates. These are posted to the blog days (often weeks) in advance to give you plenty of time to prepare.

You are responsible for your grades. If you have a zero in the grade book, you have an opportunity to makeup that missing work. If you struggle with a quiz, you have an opportunity to complete corrections. Don’t miss an opportunity to improve your grade. Be proactive. Ask Mr. Willingham for help.

The Blog

Everything is on the blog. All notes, assignment descriptions, due dates, quiz dates, etc. are posted to the blog. If you are absent, please check the blog.

Daily Routine

At the beginning of class each day, put on your headphones, check the blog, and complete any warmups. When you finish with the warmup follow the instructions for the class work session.


We use Office365 every day. You must know how to login to your Cobb County Office365 account. Mr. Willingham will teach you how to use OneDrive (part of Office365) to turn in your work. In case you are unfamiliar with this service, go to the sign in page now. Your username is

Screenshot of the Office365 login.
Screenshot of the Office365 login.

If you receive the prompt below, use your lunch number and school password.

Screenshot of the "Authentication Required" pop-up from Office365.
Screenshot of the “Authentication Required” pop-up from Office365.

Watch this when instructed.

Monday, December 18th, 2017

Makeup & Catch Up Day

If all of your work is complete and you have no ZEROS in the grade book, you may freely explore Scratch/GarageBand and listen to music. You must remain seated and silent while others work or you will lose this privilege.

If you have not finished the final project, that is priority #1. Instructions here.

If you have any missing quizzes, fix that next. See Mr. Willingham for the URL.

Finally, missing classwork grades can be made up as well. See Mr. Willingham.

Final Project

Didn’t finish the final project? Below are the steps for accessing your work at home over the weekend. All projects are due at the beginning of class Monday.

  1. Download your most recent file from Office365

  2. Upload that file to Scratch

  3. Finish your work (version 1.0, or 1.1 if you did the bonus)

  4. Download your work to your computer

  5. Upload your work to Office365

Project Instructions HERE