Music Tech – August 10th (Day 8)


  1. Watch Anatomy of GarageBand: Edit Window & Quantization
  2. Open your DrumBeatA project.
  3. Practice playing the drum kits

Work Session

  1. As a class, we will review how to use overdub recording to make a drum beat.
    1. Setup cycle repeat for 4 measures
    2. Turn on the metronome
    3. Press play & practice playing the kick/bass drum
    4. Activate the recording with the “R” key and record your bass drum rhythm
    5. Deactivate the recording with the “R” key
    6. Practice your next rhythm.
    7. Activate the recording and record your next rhythm.
    8. Repeat the process with all 4-5 of your sounds.
    9. Quantize your rhythms as you work.
  2. Remember, your drum beat must be composed of 4-5 sounds
    1. Kick/bass drum
    2. Snare
    3. Metallic
    4. Choice
    5. Choice
  3. You might find these short videos helpful.
    1. Parts of A Drum Set
    2. Example Drum Beats and Common Rhythms