Music Tech – August 16th (Day 12)

The quiz is tomorrow. Notes here.


Listen to the examples of the Improvisation Over a Pedal Point Bassline. They can be found at the bottom of the instructions.

Work Session

Continue working on Improvisation Over a Pedal Point Bassline.
Today you may rewrite your bassline and drums as needed. Focus your remaining time on practicing improvisation.

We will take a few minutes to listen to and critique some of the DrumBeatA assignments. Common suggestions for improvement include some of the following items.

  1. Add notes to the downbeat
  2. Add notes to the last beat
  3. Make the pattern more or less consistent. Consistency is good… to a point.
  4. QUANTIZE (try a larger fraction like 1/8 instead of 1/16)


Take a vocabulary review mini-quiz.