Thursday, February 7th, 2019

¡¡ Quiz Tomorrow !! ¡¡ Quiz Tomorrow !!


  1. Listen to the audio above.
  2. Complete this activity.
    1. 6th Grade – 10 Questions
    2. 7th Grade – 15 Questions
    3. 8th Grade – 20 Questions
    4. Optionally, try this easier version, but double the number required.
  3. Show Mr. Willingham your grade when you finish.
  4. Go to the work session when Mr. Willingham passes you off.

Work Session

  1. Finish the assignments from yesterday.
  2. Here are the instructions. Start by reading the file titled README
    1. BinaryContour Composition Instructions
    2. ABina Composition Instructions
  3. Upload both assignments when you are done.
    1. ⌘S
    2. ⌘Q
    3. Go to, find the class dropbox
    4. Upload your files
    5. Highlight your file and press the “Open” or “Choose” button.

Prepare for Quiz

  1. Review Vocab II for the 2nd quiz (Friday!)
  2. Basic Keyboard Interval Identification (m2 and M2 only)

Extra Practice for Fun

  1. Get Ahead! Train your ears to hear chords!
  2. Practice Reading Music (no helpers + accidentals)
  3. Practice Keyboard Reverse Identification