Part 3: Bass Line

(Video Instructions)

Now listen and view what your project looks and sounds like with the bass line added. Remember, the bass line is based on the chords. You may play any chord tones (one at a time) in any rhythm.

Some common options for choosing the notes in the bass line include:

  1. Play only the root (lowest note) of each chord.
  2. Play only the root and fifth (lowest and highest note) of each chord.
  3. Play all three notes of the chord, but remember the root should be most prominent.

The notes in the bassline will change every time the chord changes. If you used a I V vi IV progression in a section, the bass should start by playing notes from the I chord, then notes from the V chord, then notes from the vi chord, and end with notes from the IV chord. In measure 33, you should have a I chord and the bass should use notes from that chord.

Click here for some helpful diagrams of the chords and a labeled piano.

32 bar progression with bass line
32 bar progression with bass line