Found Sound Drum Beat

For this project, you will use “Found Sound” to create a drum beat. Found sound is common noises which have been recorded. Ripping tape, crinkling paper, plucking a pencil, running the water, animal sounds, and other common noises are frequently used for this purpose. Listen to this example.


  1. Create a new project titled “8-2.Last.First.FoundSoundBeat”
  2. Download the samples here (option 1) and/or here (option 2) to use in creating your drum beat. Watch this video to get started (click here) and follow its instructions to create the kick drum portion of your drum beat.
  3. You must also provide a sample of your own creation. Use your phone to record a sound and bring the recorded sound to school to use in your beat.
  4. When you finish the video, continue working on your drums. Repeat the steps in the video for your snare drum, metallic, and other sounds. Here is a step-by-step video that explains the process.
  5. Your “Found Sound” drum beat should meet the following requirements.
    1. Be rhythmically appropriate & interesting.
    2. Last 4 measures.
    3. Replicate the sound of a 1. Kick Drum, 2. Snare Drum, 3. Metallic Sound, and two additional sounds of your choice (Sounds 4 & 5).
    4. Sounds must be well balanced (not loud, not quiet)
    5. Rhythms must be in time (placed precisely on the grid)
    6. You muse use plugin effects that modify the recorded sound (EQ, reverb, delay, etc.)
      1. Click here to review how to do this.

What does a bass drum, snare drum, and metallic instrument sound like? Click here to find out.

Having trouble with rhythms? Here is a helpful file that demonstrates how to make 1/4 note, 1/8 note, 1/16 note, and other rhythms.