New Clothes: Day 1


For this next assignment you will rewrite history.  Using the provided MIDI files you will turn the works of Classical and Baroque masters like Bach and Beethoven into the pop, jazz, rock, hiphop tracks of today.

Listen to the following podcast on musical fusion and complete the companion worksheet.  After completing the podcast and worksheet continue with the examples below.  Turn in this worksheet online (classwork grade).

During the podcast, fill out this worksheet.  Then move on to the examples below the form.

Here are examples of what you can expect to achieve during this activity.

First, the original by CPE Bach

Now a student example fusing the baroque style of Bach with modern styles.

First, the original by Tchaikovsky

Now, another example.


Work Session

How does this project work?  Someone has already done the work of creating a MIDI file that contains all of the notes of a piece of music.  You will import this MIDI file into GarageBand and modify it to suit a new style.

  • You may delete notes or add notes
  • You may cut, copy, paste and loop notes
  • You may use multiple instruments
  • You may use appropriate loops
  • You may use the drummer track

Now watch these instructions on how to use MIDI files with GarageBand.  The files you will be using can be found on the “Available MIDI Files” page after viewing this video.  Once  you have completed this video, go listen to the available MIDI files and make a decision of which piece you would like to re-arrange.