New Clothes: Day 2

  1. If you need to review anything from Day 1, go there first!
  2. Choose a song to re-arrange and download the MIDI file (.mid) or GarageBand file.
  3. Open your selected piece of music. If it is a MIDI file, you will need to import it. If it is a GarageBand file, you can simply double click on it.
  4. Start thinking now about what genre of music you would fuse/blend with this old tune. The Apple Loop Library may give you some ideas: rock, funk, jazz, hip hop, pop, etc.
  5. After deciding what genre, your next decision is how fast or slow the tempo should be for your arrangement.  Consider that rock, jazz, hip hop, and pop all have different characteristics including how fast or slow a tune might be in each genre.  Change the tempo in GarageBand until you find a suitable tempo for your fusion.
  6. Begin exploring! Your objective for today is simply to experiment. At the end of the day, you may save or discard your work.
    1. You may cut, copy, and paste MIDI notes and regions onto new tracks with different instrument patches
    2. You may use any loop that seems appropriate for your chosen genre.  Apple Loops are organized by genre and type!
    3. You may extend the piece to add an intro, outro, drum break, etc
    4. You may record yourself playing a MIDI controller on an existing or new track
  7. The class will review the following.
    1. Quantizing E
    2. Velocity E
    3. Duplicating tracks (⌘D) and regions/notes (Opt. Drag or ⌘C/⌘V)
    4. Manual insertion of notes in the edit window ⌘Click
  8. The class will learn the following.
    1. Transposition E
      1. Transpose by -24, -12, 0, 12, or 24
    2. Trimming regions ⌘T
    3. Tempo Track ⇧⌘T
    4. Arrangement Track ⇧⌘A
    5. Automation A

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