Music Tech – September 10th (Day 28)

The 32 Bar Chord project is due Wednesday, September 12th (instructions).

Vocab Quiz II is Friday, September 14th (notes).

Work Session

Continue working on the assignment. Click here for the instructions. The project is due by the end of class Wednesday, September 12th. This is your first major project/test grade.

Use all available time to ensure that your project is the best it can be. If you have the time, practice improvising, tweak the drums, adjust the arpeggiator, try different instrument patches, add/change effect plugins, try out different endings, etc.

Music Tech – September 6th (Day 26)


Continue working on the assignment. Click below for the instructions.

32 Bar Form (AABA) with Chords

Work Session

  1. Jam Session – Mr. Willingham will select people to improvise for the class.
    1. JamSession
  2. Work on the assignment.

Here are the jam sessions from today.

7-2 – 7-2.2018.09.06

7-1 – 7-1.2018.09.06

8-1 – 8-1.2018.09.06

8-2 – 8-2.2018.09.06

Music Tech: September 5th (Day 25)


  1. Complete this open note review. Click here for the notes.
  2. Review the instructions for adding the chord progression to the 32 bar chords project (click here).
  3. Finish your chord progression if you are not already done.
  4. Preview the instructions for adding a bassline to the 32 bar chords project (click here)

Work Session

  1. Mr. Willingham will demonstrate how to compose the bassline for the assignment.
  2. You will compose your bassline

Music Tech – August 27th (Day 19)

Extra time and/or help is available every Tuesday & Thursday morning before school. Sign in @ study hall before heading down to the STEAM Lab as early as 8AM.


  1. Finish and turn in your 32 Bar Form Over a Pedal Point Bassline.

Work Session

  1. We are adding chords to our 32 bar form. We’ll listen to some popular songs that use our chord progression.
  2. Read about the I V vi IV chord progression here.
  3. Here are the notes for today.