Business/Team Composition

Your team will need to be composed of members able to fill each of the following roles. While everyone is expected to take part in and responsibility for every part of the project, each individual should have primary responsibility for some aspect.


  • Creative/Design (Group Leader) – Your creative may be a technical or artistic thinker, but in both cases they are the person to rely on for design decisions. They think creatively and can find solutions to a variety of problems. They have  a quick imagination and can express their ideas effectively.
  • Writing – Your writer will be responsible for getting ideas down on paper. The GDD and Business Proposal/Pitch will be developed by everyone, but written by this person. They write clear and effective prose to communicate ideas to multiple audiences.
  • Marketing/Communication/Presentation – You will need to get ideas of the page and into the eyes and ears of your audience when you present/pitch your proposed game. This person has excellent oral communication skills and is comfortable and effective in front of  a group. While all members will be involved in the presentation, this person takes the lead.
  • Technical – Every group member will contribute to the code of your working prototype, but one person will take the lead and help to make final decisions about how to craft the logic of your game. This person will have primary responsibility over the code in your game.
  • Artistic – Games should contain effective and stunning visuals, sounds, and music. One member of your group should take primary responsibility of the artistic assets of the game. This person should be able to produce original artwork or select aesthetically appropriate artwork that already exists in the Scratch universe. They will also help in the selecting of sounds and music.


Complete this skills inventory when instructed by Mr. Willingham.