Game Design Document

Your game design document should be as detailed as possible and follow the outline provided here.

GDD Instructions

Every feature and detail of the game must be described in the design document before it may be included in any prototype. Before coding a component of the game, describe it in your GDD. Once a component has been described in the GDD, it may be included in the prototype.

The Game Design Document is an example of formal business writing.

If you believe that a component of the Official Game Design Document Outline does not apply to you, speak to Mr. Willingham. If you believe that you need to add a component to better describe your game, speak to Mr. Willingham.

GDD Template

You must use this GDD Template Spring 2017 to create your own Game Design Document. Mr. Willingham will setup a Office 365 version of this template for each group.

Sample GDD

Use these sample GDDs to guide your work.

An Ants Life