Pong Remix

Try out Pong Remix and then follow these instructions.

Before working on your code, discuss and answer the following questions about your version of pong.

  1. How does the player gain or lose points?
  2. How does the player move on to the next level?
  3. How is each level progressively difficult?
  4. How does the player lose or end the game?
  5. What happens when the ball hits the red band at the bottom of the screen?
  6. Why is your version of pong fun to play?
  7. What other problems does this game have? What’s missing and what doesn’t work?

After completing the discussion above, add just the following features.

Your features my vary from the examples provided, but should be similar. Use the Scratch wiki. There are some particularly helpful pages on functions, variables, and conditionals.

  1. Score system: Every time the ball hits the paddle, change score by 1 (or something similar)
  2. Level system: As the player scores more points, the ball speed should increase (or something similar)
  3. Music system: Background music during gameplay & background music after losing

Your program must…

  1. Work
  2. Use appropriate syntax and style at all times
  3. Be complete according to the above instructions
  4. Be saved in a file titled as below (version 0.1 is your first version, version 0.2 your second, etc…)
    • 8-1.LastName.FirstName.PongRemix.0.1
    • 8-1.LastName.FirstName.PongRemix.0.2
    • ….
    • 8-1.LastName.FirstName.PongRemix.1.0
  5. The final version (1.0) should be uploaded to your shared STEAM lab folder in OneDrive.

Find the source code here.