October 2-6


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**  Much of what we do this week will be assessing 1st quarter skills in preparation for report cards and for Conferences!  **

Social Studies – We will start a unit on Georgia’s Regions and Rivers.  This will go on until the end of the quarter.  Please check your child’s black notebook once a week or so to see what we’re learning.

Phonics/Spelling – We will not have a new phonics pattern this week. We will continue to practice Long i patterns (i+e, ie, igh).   Much of this week will be spent doing assessments to prepare for report cards which will be given out at Conferences.

Writing – We are getting serious this week about writing a Personal Narrative.  We will talk about how the topic is like a watermelon and it is full of seed (details).  We will pick an event (a “small moment”) to write about and will work on the beginning.  We will talk about how to “hook” a reader with an interesting beginning.

Grammar – We will talk this week about making words plural and irregular plural nouns.

Reading –We will work on reading small passages this week and answering questions which require us to go back to the passage to find information.

Math – We will continue with counting coins this week and with word problems involving money.

THURSDAY  – Mayor Easterling visits

FRIDAY – Breakfast with Moms at Bullard!

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