October 16-20


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** This week is Conference Week so each day will be EARLY RELEASE (12:30) **

Social Studies – We will finish our unit on Georgia’s Regions.  We reviewed for our test on Friday and will again on Monday.  Our assessment will be on Tuesday.  Students have flashcards and a map to study.  There is also a study guide to help you know what to study. 

Phonics/Spelling – Our pattern this week will be the FLOSS rule.  The rule states that if a word has a short vowel sound and ends with an f, l, s and sometimes a z, the f, l, s and z will be doubled.  (For example:  cliff, hill,  grass.)   

Writing – We will continue working on our Personal Narrative.  We are doing this first one step by step to show the kids what all you need to include and how to put it together in an organized way so that it will be interesting and so that the reader can follow the story. 

Grammar – We will talk this week about adjectives (describing words). 

Reading –We will focus on characters this week and look at how they respond to what happens in a story. 

Math – In the 2nd quarter we will work with larger numbers, numbers to 99.  We will look at how to add and subtract these two digit numbers using the 100’s chart.

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