Jan. 8 – 12


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January 8 – 12

Social Studies – We will continue learning about famous Georgians this month.  This week we will review character traits of Sequoyah, Tomochichi, Mary Musgrove and James Oglethorpe.  Later in the month we will also talk about Martin Luther King, Jr., Jackie Robinson and Juliette Gordon Lowe.

Phonics/Spelling – Our pattern this week will be oo.  This letter pattern can make two sounds:  oo as in moon and oo as in book.

Writing – We are going to tie up some “loose ends” in writing this week with Narratives and Informational writing before we begin working on Opinion Writing next week.

Grammar – We will review adjectives this week and talk about “shade of meaning” with them.  This basically means increasing degrees of a word.  For example:  chill – cold – freezing.

Reading –We will look at informational texts this week about MLK.  We will talk about Author’s Purpose (why an author writes a piece).  We teach the kids that PIE helps us remember the main purposes of authors (Persuade, Inform, Entertain).  The author’s purpose of everything we read this week will be to inform or teach.

Math – We will talk about  measuring with inches and centimeters this week.  We briefly touched on that before Break but will spend a few more days with it.

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